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May 10, 2022

28 Degrees and Record Snow in May!

Boise Foothills  

28 Degrees and Record Snow in May!
We have had very weird weather this May, almost more like March weather with warm temps thrown in. Yesterday morning it was 29 degrees and snowed quite a bit! The last time it snowed this much in Boise was in the 1890s! Because the weather has been so bizarre lately I'd been holding off on planting outside which was probably good. Typically around Mother's Day it's warm enough during the days to put out hanging baskets and annuals. Not so much this month. Heading into next week we're supposed to hit the mid-70s! It's been a real roller coaster. 

Waking up to snow

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Judy said...

Wow crazy snow in May. We had crazy weather here too. Easter weekend went down in the 30s. Next week were looking at mid 90s. Havent seen rain in months. Our lawn looks like a hay field.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

yes, summer will b here soon enough! Snow is good for the ground water

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