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Apr 13, 2022

From 75 To Snow! Limit 4 Per Customer/Meat Restrictions

From 75 To Snow!
April has been a wild ride! It's 75 degrees last week and woke up to snow Sunday morning. Next it poured rain, then three more rounds of snow.  We got much-needed snow up in the mountains as it has been dry the last couple months. A local ski resort will re-open this Saturday, with 18" of fresh snow on Bogus Basin ski area. Being in high desert we really rely on the snow up in the mountains for water. We are into a mega-drought, a fact of life with water issues.  Our bulbs have come up. My kale and collard greens I wintered over have almost doubled in size with the warmer weather (before the snow). The chickens are doing well in their coop and we extended their run so we can plant more intensively in the veggie garden. Our construction on our street is coming along slowly but steadily. Once that's done we will be replanting part of the front yard. All our fruit trees have blossoms, will be plating seeds inside soon. Summer is around the corner!

Ducks friends are back daily!

Limit 4 Per Customer/Meat Restrictions-
This week was the first time I had seen a sign limiting meat purchases. I had heard about this from other people in different parts of the country. First time I saw this was Sunday at the WinCo grocery store. There was a big sign for all their packages of chicken that said limit four per customer. I've heard about the culling of huge amounts of chickens due to the avian flu. If you want chicken and eggs I would definitely advise to buy some now while they're still relatively available. If you can, better yet, start your own chicken coop! We love our fresh eggs and while we choose not to harvest our hens there are some people that do that. Anything you can do to be more resilient right now it's a good thing! You can buy more beans and other protein sources. We have French Baked eggs for dinner sometimes. Cheaper than meat and has all the amino acids. Bon Appetit!  
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