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May 7, 2014

Thrifting, More Projects Done, Lagenlook Clothing? Who Knew!

My new bread box!

Tonite we stopped at a local thrift store, and I scored! A new bread box, heavy wood, like new, with really cute galvanized metal edging on the top. My old one was pretty old and getting grungy. I love it, $9.00. I found 3 new sewing patterns for making a lite coat, a long collared vest, and a V neck tunic, .35 cents each. I also got 2 signs, on for the front door and one for somewhere else.

End of bread box

for out on my front entryway- $3.00

In the kitchen, maybe. Vintage print info below

More Projects Done-
My potting bench was getting pretty worn from weather. I didn't want to try and match a stain, so I grabbed some leftover dark green exterior spray paint from the garage. It was a perfect match! It should last a while :) I also painted the leftover drawer from the bathroom that Dave cut down for me. It's now on top for my potting soil.

Nice finish!

All better...

We had our new, seamless gutters installed today. Sadly I forgot to take "before" pics. Visualize sage green, drooping, rusty edged old ones. New ones are white, heat treated finish, level and clean! And less than 1/2 the price the big box stores quoted. A local guy came with his truck, extruded the gutters, and had them up in 45 minutes. Money well spent!!! No more water in the crawl space. I will get the rain barrels up soon. Dave forgot to have him add the diverters :(

No seams!

Ah, so pretty, sigh

No seams again

Lagenlook Clothing? Who Knew!
For years I've loved the layered, artsy look in clothing. The I finally found out what it's called- Lagenlook. It originated in Germany with layered clothing. In the summer you could do very lightweight cottons and linens, heavier layers in the winter. You wear multiple lengths as well, some sharply angled. I'm going to use some of the patterns I bought to combine some things I already own and create some new pieces. I'll post when I do some of these. Here's photos from a variety of sources-

Wrong shoes, but cute

Judi Dench


Susan said...

I love your potting bench! Mine is rather all over the place. I've always loved the layered look - it's my way of dressing all winter. Just not as stylish!

Unknown said...

Thanks. We got it at a local feed store several years ago. It's held up really well. Now I just need to add a DIY inside shelf...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know the name of the Ragenlook line either but have always liked it - very comfortable.

Unknown said...

Just wish someday I could be as elegant as the Dame

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