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May 4, 2014

Bathroom Remodel Reveal- Finally! Fun DIY Home Makeovers For Less Than $50

Bathroom Remodel Reveal- Finally
After the the long strange saga of our flooring stalled out our remodel, we FINALLY had it installed Thursday! What a relief!!! I finally got the tub caulked yesterday, the last little thing. I love the new look, bright and cheery. We got a huge increase in storage with the Ikea sink cabinet, and the pull out drawers. The plumbing is unique, and not for everyone, but we went with it. The medicine cabinet also more than doubled the storage. We didn't really need that much, but liked the look. I also always have "resale value" in the back of my head. All in all we spent about $2,200- for labor (flooring and plumbing), fixtures, and materials. One bid was $5,000.-$8,000 if we had it all done. Since Dave did most of the demo work, shower walls, floor, texturing, and I helped with finishing (painting, spackle, texture) we saved a ton! Dave was able to barter with a friend for a brand new $250.00 exhaust fan for a trip to the dump (huge dead TV). It's much quieter and looks nice and new.

As a review, here's the "before" at the worst- water damaged floor, yellow flooring under the beige-

Shower walls ripped out

We kept our toilet since it's only a couple years old, and just bought a new seat. My yellow shelf stayed. I added dark green as the accent color, but couldn't find towels I liked in that color, so I went with blue. I tried to combine folk art style with modern, but old fashioned/vintage. Satin nickel finishes all, and a very white gray wall color. We also replaced the brass icky door knob. I will re-paint the door this summer, along with most of the rest in the house. The shower curtain was also from Ikea, a nice country print. These next 2 photos inspired me with the green accents, the green bench and the gray flooring-

                                             Here we go!!!

Nice live ivy for some real greenery, and my fave yellow shelf

Green Ball jars for more pop, and Ikea Hemnes medicine cabinet

Green bench! It fit perfectly without measuring! From Ikea, and Hemnes cabinet

New tub and walls

Bringing in a little nature (Joann's Fabrics) 

A little something Swedish, thrifted and cleaned up

I love our glass block windows, brings in tons of light

The little green bench again :)

New LED sconces

New knobs from Cost Plus, Ikea's were black and boring

Love the clock from Hobby Lobby, 1/2 price, $10.00. I love the bird :) I was going to paint it green but liked it as is, once I saw it on the sink counter

Ikea's china sink/counter, with a built-in backslash! Perfect for our size and configuration

I like the cabinet with legs now, wasn't sure at first

Ikea plumbing, which saves space, drain goes sideways then down

My lovely gray floor, love it. I was so SICK of beige!!!

Dave's hotel-style rod, to keep water in. Not a fan, but I get it. No more water damaged floors ::)

More green

A little storage, thrifted basket and another jar

From wallyworld

Well it's all done! Now I need to do a little tweaking of our little bathroom this summer :) 

Similar to ours, from Wwherebeautymeetsfunction

Fun DIY Home Makeovers For Less Than $50-
With the weather warming up I've got painting fever. After seeing this show DIY Less Than $50 Dave and I talked about repainting our front door. It's sage green now and in the dark entry way. We chose this-

It looks darker in the shaded area and makes the door pop! It's called Vivid Orange. Cool!


Carolyn said...

Very snazzy! And I am in LOVE with the shower curtain :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, it's a swedish type folk art print. Very common I've read...

Susan said...

What a difference! It is so bright and lovely! I love that print, too. And I like your idea to paint your front door. Mine could do with a sprucing-up, too.

Candy C. said...

WOW!! It looks GREAT!! Ya'll did a fantastic job! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks all. Dave did a great job, and I helped finish and did the overall "design"...

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