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Jul 20, 2014

Flour Sack Dresses & Aprons, Rural Life in The 30's and 40's

Flour Sack Dresses & Aprons-
I've been reading up on more vintage style aprons. I knew that old flour sacks were saved before and after the Depression and used for clothing. It explained why some clothes were cut the way they were. They didn't buy yardage, so they had to piece things together. Great photos and info here and vintage-style new patterns for sale Candleonthehill.

Child's dress

All matchy matchy :)

New Depression Era style from Countryliving

Feed the chickens!

Rural Life in The 30's and 40's-
What a great find here!!! The photographs are in amazing condition, really fascinating look at the past. Easy to read and broken up into sections-

Cooking on a wood burning cook stove

Making something good, with junior under the table! Looks like a pressure canner on the right of the table

making clothes

growing food


Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

When I shop at antique stores, I look for flour sacks. I have one as a cupboard curtain in my kitchen.

Susan said...

What wonderful photographs! Thanks so much for these links.

Unknown said...

I don't know if I've ever seen a flour sack? But I don't go into antique stores,more thrift :)


Klyn said...

I wore those flour sack clothes, but as a child in the 50's we wore undies made from the silk parachute that our Uncle sent home from WW2, we thought we were very elegant. Have you seen the photos from Ola, Idaho that were taken during the Depression? Dorothea Lange took the pictures for the WPA. Google them, they are great.

Unknown said...

Interesting! I'll be doing a blog post about the WPA program soon. I think a lot of people don't know what they actually did. Lange was the most famous I think, but there were lots more....

Dicky Bird said...

I'm a new follower from the blog hop Oak Hill - love the pictures. I remember my mom telling me she had to wear feed sack dresses. All the "poor" kids wore them she said. My blog is Dicky Bird's Nest. Look forward to reading your posts.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dicky Bird, and welcome!

Crimson Fish said...

Here in UK, my mother (b1921) remembers bed sheets made from flour sacks and my (me b 1943) first Teddy was made from sacking with blue paws and ears from a jumble sale blazer!

Nancy In Boise said...

Sorry didn't see these comments sooner!
Unknown- fabric flour sacks went out in the 40s/50's I think when they switched to paper.
klyn, silk, fascinating! Yes those photos are quite famous!
Thanks Dicky Bird!
Crimson, pretty cool!

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