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Nov 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to all! We'll be staying home since we rarely travel for Thanksgiving, which is fine with me. I've never been a fan of traveling for the holidays since so many things can go wrong weather-wise. Our first snow came this morning, about a half an inch here in the valley, nothing like they're having to the East, with blizzards! We have had severe winds up to 55 miles an hour. More snow maybe later this week. Living in the Northwest I've seen it all from snow to very, very icy conditions. So we'll be home with family relaxing on Thanksgiving! Anya is ready for some turkey. I decided this year to take today off for a vacation day, so I can do food prep and kind of relax! Here's a peek of a few of the things that are around the little homestead for Thanksgiving-

My fave thrifted embroidered piece

Mama Pea blogger gifted me with her mini quilt!

On the table tomorrow will be a nice big roasted turkey and all the trimmings.  Our two married girls will be here with their families! I'm really grateful for so many things and that's why Thanksgiving is really my favorite holiday of the year. It's not about buying or giving stuff. It's about being grateful for what you have. And I am.

Nov 22, 2019

First Snow Is On The Way!!!

First Snow Is On The Way!!!
Yes it is, happy dance! Luckily we're not travelling so life is good! Looking forward to some time off next week with family.

Nov 19, 2019

Anniversary Road Trip & Thrifted Finds, Classic Chicken Cacciatore

Anniversary Road Trip & Thrifted Finds-
We finally had some rain today!!! SO exciting after poor air quality for weeks. Dave and I are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary tomorrow. I'm so grateful I married such a wonderful, devoted person. My best friend, great Dad and Granddad! Three years ago, to do something really different, we went up to the mountain town of McCall to spend the night. The hotel rates are off season and no tourists. Cold, nice and quiet! We had a gorgeous drive up Saturday and spent the night, coming back Sunday. Saturday afternoon, after lunch, we drove around Payette lake-

Ice on the N side of the lake

 Sunday, gray skies and a little rain-

My fave fish sculpture

smooth as glass

Our comfy hotel roomed with soaker tub and salt water pool, Dave enjoyed the swims! 

We found a new thrift store there! I got these three winter cuties for a whopping $3.00 total!

Tabletop snowman, hand made in the USA 

Small quilt (crib blanket/tablecloth?), 2 sided, winter motif-



Back side

Snowman spoon rest-

Classic Chicken Cacciatore-
Perfect dish for a cold night! I served with ww pasta and Italian bread. I made this with lots of out own homegrown, frozen tomatoes. So juicy I had to add tomato paste! Lots of mushroom in my crock pot with all of it.  Recipe here Classic Chicken Cacciatore, and for the 2nd round I added Kalamata olives and capers for something different! Topped with some Feta cheese, yummy! Sadly the crock pot handle broke off, so I finally (after 15-20 years) bought a new, smaller one. With two of us I just didn't need the huge one. I'll keep it until after the holidays and will repurpose it. My new baby, 4.5 Qt., $20.00 at Target, hopefully will last me til I'm too old and decrepit to cook! I'll make some chili this weekend before turkey day!

Nov 10, 2019

Winter Is Here- Sort Of, Tweaking Bathroom Remodel Decor, Planning A Backyard /Coop Re-Do,Great Finds!

Winter Is Here, Sort Of-
Our weather has been so dry, dry, dry lately that it's strange watching all the snow back East. It's been in the fifties lately during the day the thirties at night, so winter is definitely here. Our 14 degree cold snap last month really affected some of our trees locally. If you look at our huge maple tree, some of the leaves are just wilted, little color. Not normal! Other people noticed that some of their trees didn't really have a chance to change color as much as usual either. We still have all of our cold weather gear out. We're loving our new warm comforter I bought off season and kitty Anya is always finding a warm spot in the sun. We're waiting for a first big rain storm to arrive. Still allergy season sadly. We packing up the garden work bench today and I covered with plastic-

Bye bye tools

Last night we had a taste of summer by opening our 1st can of our organic peaches I canned. Amazing in a light syrup, just like fresh!!! So good...... paradise peaches...

Tweaking Bathroom Remodel Decor-
We finished up the bathroom remodel and I did the reveal last week. I wanted to tweak a few things though, so here is more of an updated version! I moved a few things around on the rack above the toilet and moved the print down. I realized there was a really big gap between the top of the toilet and the wall rack, so problem fixed! I bought some new knobs at Hobby Lobby for the new Ikea cabinet, green/blue ceramic and a really nice shade, I was not a fan of the old, cheap black metal ones-

 I moved my wood fish I bought at the coast where I could see it better, driftwood-ish...

I wanted some kind of a glass float to put in the bathroom. They're not hard to find but the ones that I found were really overpriced. I looked on eBay and I found these faux ones instead! Nice sized for a small bathroom-

I think for now we're  all done!!!

Planning A Backyard /Coop Re-Do-
Recently I was reading an article about keeping small livestock and how much easier it is. I started thinking about the layout of our background, and the fact we will probably need to rebuild the coop soon. It's held up really well for quite a few years, but it's showing wear, wood rot in small areas. We know we need to put it on a different type of foundation. I started thinking we should build a new Coop/shed where are shade area and cold frame is-

That would open up more sunny space for the garden for growing vegetables and would give the chickens a cooler area in the summer. It would also be away from the main easement fence, and less visible to hawks overhead. We'd reconfigure the chicken fencing as well. Dave's on board, and he's designing, and may do that next summer. It would be easy enough to build a second coop while the first one is still up. We'll probably build on some shed space, since we don't have a shed at this point. That would be a great use of space! And we could, of course, use a lot of recycled materials.

Tea Cups, $10.00

Great Finds !!!
I do tons of thifting and eBaying for great deals. I only recently found out that Ikea has started shipping items across the U.S.! They have a $5 shipping fee up to a certain amount of weight, I'm not sure what. I did find some really cool items that I was going to order, but was really disappointed that you can't order any of their holiday items online. If you follow this blog you know that I really love Scandinavian holiday stuff! I was really excited to find some great things and I added them to my shopping basket. When I went to check out there was a big note of these are unorderable online,  bummer. I ordered a few random things, including a new shower mat. We had bought one when we were in Portland coming back from the coast fit perfect was heavy and was only $7. These are the more fun items that I was able to get online, all found at Ikea.Us

12" tray, $7.00 for next spring, was not in store

Huge Godtagbar vase, $10.00, goes with 2 other smaller ones I bought previously, 
love the lumpy handmade clay look, and traditional Swedish folk art design

I discovered this website last year LTDcommodities (I'm not an affiliate).  I found a few fun items for winter and the holidays. A bowl/dish combo for my homemade soups! I've decided to make a pot of something each weekend. This was Minestrone and cheddar biscuits last week-

Two bowls for $12.99, nice heavy stoneware, two colors per set, I bought one of each-

Cute Christmas truck, made of solid wood, $6.00-

Fabric banner, $6.00- 

Two Troll towels, $9.00-

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