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Feb 15, 2021

Using Tattered Angels Water-Based Wood Tints, Thrifting Scores! Simple Classic Chili


Using Tattered Angels Water Based-Wood Tint-
The new snow is melting a bit and birds are out in force! I put out some food this morning-

And my November bulb finally bloomed! Almost like a touch of Spring! 

I never got around to posting this project so this is a good time. I bought a Ikea Moppe little chest online several months ago. I sat it aside because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it-

I thought about painting it or staining it or something else? I was in Hobby Lobby where I ran across this product that I never seen before. It's Tattered Angels Color Wash Tint, which is water-based!!!

It comes in lots of different colors and I suddenly thought that might be the perfect solution! I wanted something sheer, so the wood grain would show,  but something with a little bit different finish. This was just the ticket! For $3.00 a bottle I bought two figuring that would be enough, which it was. I have about 3/4 of a bottle left. So here's how you use the tint and I have to say I really love the way it came out. The pictures don't really do it justice. First I chose the Weathered Copper Verdigris color. It's green with very fine Copper powder mixed in. No odor, simple soap cleanup. First I laid out some scrap wood and did a test drive-

I did one coat, then the top section with 2 coats. Didn't like the 2 coats mode personally.

Nice and sheer!

Note the Copper powder

I laid out plastic bags to paint on top of. With the Copper powder you need to keep stirring and mixing!
This project was so simple I'm not going to put a lot of directions here. Basically the manufacturer recommends using a brush, so do not use a sponge brush, but one with bristles. I found with the Copper powder you don't want to over-brush or you move the powder around too much. Just let it soak in. So basically you want to use a light hand. I used about a 2" wide craft brush, and clean up is a breeze since it's just soap and water!

Here we go-

I did all the sides, in case I decided to add knobs or pulls later-

Since it is a water-based tint the manufacturer recommends using some kind of a polyurethane sealer, which I did. I used clear Varathane with a satin finish. I did use a sponge brush, because I didn't want to have to use mineral spirits to clean up. It didn't seem to affect the tinted finish at all, Copper powder stayed put. Dried in a hour or less, but a little smelly. I had to do indoors since it was so cold out- 

Love it!!!

Cute ceramic mitten napkin holder! $2.00!

Thrifting Scores! 
We dropped off some donations a few days ago, and scored some fun things! First  I found a set of four prints, oak frames, nice matting! $1.00 each, about 9" by 9". Two frames had a little wear, Old English took care of that! Will probably put over the dining table in the summer, in a grid- 

The clerk put them in a nice, new (donated) insulated bag! Free! She said she didn't want the prints to break, how sweet of her-

Three piece Pier One stoneware condiments containers, made in Portugal, $4.00-

Two new stocking holders for the Grandson's stockings, $2.00 each-

Some fabric Union Jack British flags, for a special project soon (more later), $3.00-

Mini bunting, $5.00 from Etsy-

Lot of yellow goodies, from Ebay, $5.00

Simple, Classic Chili-
Usually I make veggie chili, but was ready for something different. I made this on a cold, snowy afternoon, perfect! Here's a basic recipe I used, and you could use black beans instead, or ground turkey. You could add bell peppers, Jalapenos, etc. 


1 TBL Olive oil, 1 medium white onion diced, 1 pound lean ground beef

2 1/2 TBL Chili powder (or to taste), 2 TBL Ground Cumin, 1 TBL Garlic powder, 

1 1/2 TSP Salt, 1/4 TSP ground Cayenne pepper to taste, 1 TSP Chipotle powder to taste

1 1/2 cups beef broth, 1 -15 oz. can  diced tomatoes, 1- 16 oz. can Kidney beans, drained and rinsed

2 TBL tomato paste

Add oil, meat and onion to pot, brown, then add spices, beans and tomatoes. Next add broth and the paste, cook down. Adjust flavors as needed. I doubled this to freeze some.   

Feb 13, 2021

Snow Days Finally!!!

Snow Days Finally!!! 
After a pretty dry winter here in the valley we got about 2" overnight Thursday, with more Friday. Last night we got another 2" - 4 ", with about 10" total!  Happy dance! Now if some idiot drivers would slow down and realize their cars don't levitate life would be easier. Tons of wrecks yesterday, shakes head. Part of the interstate had to be shout down in two areas. Glad I'm working from home! No power outages that I know of so far, which is good. Here's some of my photos of our little homestead snow days! Friday morning-


When it's this snowy I give the girls some treats about twice a day, this was some chopped greens they attacked! 

Really great example of why we have a "sun room" on the coop. Clean and dry in there great for dust baths! After I took this shot and I cleared off all the snow on the top-

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