Life on a little urban homestead in the making, with ideas for self-sufficiency, DIYing, organic gardening, food preservation, chicken keeping, cookery, crafts, thrifting, vintage stuff,
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Welcome to My Blog!
What a long strange trip it's been! I grew up in the city in southern California, and was lucky to spend time with a Grandma who baked, sewed, tatted, knit, embroidered, canned, and grew fruit. Now living in Boise (not my first choice, work brought us here) with my husband Dave, I have three grown girls living nearby, with two grandchildren. I'm a Master Gardener thru the University of Idaho and am very interested in Permaculture. We're doing what I loosely call urban homesteading on a standard city lot, in the high desert. I've always worked full time. With some years in education, summers off, kids grown and gone, I finally had the time to master canning and food preservation. Drying homegrown fruits, veggies and fermenting too! I've always loved to cook, and we've transformed an empty bedroom closet to a large working pantry. We're trying to move away from processed foods more, eating less wheat and dairy. We have rain barrels, low water landscaping, energy efficient living as much as possible, and are real DIY-ers. I've set up a yearly veggie garden, permanent berries and rhubarb, herbs, 4 fruit trees, and the chickens are happy in our large coop! Our cat Anya is a joy to have! I'm hoping/planning to move to a more rural area and have an acre or 2. Add some goats and ducks and I'm set! Fix up one more house... then I'm REALLY done, for good. But life is an ever expanding adventure, so who knows what's next???

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