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Oct 15, 2019

How I Hygge- Or Making Your World More Cozy

How I Hygge, Or Making My World More Cozy-
Hygge is a Danish word that started showing up in the states a few years ago. I recently bought a used copy of

It's fascinating to read how the Danish people have such long, dark winters, but they can be made very livable by some simple concepts. Many people around the world already make their home cozy, year round. Many of these ideas can be incorporated with low cost or free items. Things like bringing in nature- leaves, branches, pine cones. Buy some books, snuggle up and read! A big one is staying in the moment, be present. Board games are making a comeback, put the phones away and have a fun round of Monopoly! Talk to each other. Bake something from scratch, have friends over for tea and cake.  Listen to music with no distractions. Hygge has lots of simple concepts, here's a Hyggekrog, or cosy corner, something soft, warm drink, candle and a book-

Bringing nature in is important, year round, too! Watch the weather too. I've watched the clouds at work, and it very relaxing!!! So, here's some photos of how I Hygge, and read the sweet little book for more ideas and recipes!!!

Faux sheepskin throw on chair, 
Anya in front of the heater, she 's Hygging!

Warm blanket on chair, ready anytime

Dave's fave red blanket, Anya's too. In the winter I switch out the regular pillow-

to this-

Thrifted pillow sham, full size pillow, with blue velvet, warm and cozy!

My corner, place mat made from old Sari's, electric candle, and a pumpkin!

Read some books!

Soft, nature inspired lighting- 

 More soft lighting, from a salt crystal, set on a timer-

More soft lighting (we do have bright floor lamps for reading)-

Made a big pot of veggie chili, with homegrown tomatoes and peppers-

Oct 11, 2019

The Second Hawk Attack Was The Last One

The Second Hawk Attack Was The Last One-
I wrote about the first time Annie, my white hen, was attacked by a hawk here and survived Hawk Attack . The second time she wasn't so lucky. I looked out yesterday morning and saw a big blob of something white on the ground, thought it was a row cover that had blown off in the wind from my herb box. I put on my glasses and realized it was my hen. I went flying out of the house to find my poor honey almost decapitated and dead. I was so upset I didn't know quite what to do, since I had to go to work. I decided to simply remove her from the area and set her aside. She was a really sweet pea with a real curious personality. When I came home from work I had more of a chance to look at her, look at the scene and try to figure out what happened. I was pretty convinced it was a hawk attack and I still am. I found a little bit of blood on the top of both sides of the gate going into the garden-

Her neck was broken so hopefully she died fast when the hawk struck. Her body was outside the gate in the big pile of feathers. One breast was completely removed and eaten. Looking back I think she may have been attacked around dusk the night before, but it's hard to tell it might have been early in the morning. She was out the day before after work, when I collected the eggs and gave them a snack. I looked up and read that hawks to attack really early in the morning/late in the day near dusk. Last night I decided to close the coop door and only let the other 3 out after there was more daylight in the sky. It's hard when you have a small flock to lose one after you have raised them from a 1 or 2 day-old chicks. You really get to know their personalities. So rest in peace Annie,  you survived one but unfortunately not the second one. So sad.... 


Oct 7, 2019

Independence Days Challenge, Autumn Fun Decor

Independence Days Challenge-
Here's a sum up of recent goings on here!
1. Plant Something-
Wrong time of year for here. The weather changed so fast I didn't have time to plant bulbs, maybe next year.

2. Harvest Something-
Picked the small amount of baby pumpkins (not enough sun), eggs (about 1-2 per day), last of the basil. It's supposed to be 25 degrees Wednesday morning!

Last week got the baby zucchinis, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, and Gypsy peppers. Dave put the garden to bed for the winter.  The hens love having more space!

3. Preserve/Store Something-
I made pesto (finally!) this weekend to freeze. In the next couple of weeks I'll thaw my Chokecherries and Service berries and make syrups. Today I made Rosie Daley's Pesto (Oprah's former chef) today, enough for 7 small jars to freeze. Great for pasta or smeared on a roasting chicken! I used Romano instead of Parmesan since that's what we had. The whole house smells great!

4. Manage Reserves- Get a Good Deal/Barter/Stock Up/Prep-
Got a 1/2 price garage door tuneup, fixed some balance issues. I got some  new cord slacks at Eddie Bauer outlet a while back, for $10.00 with coupon, stored for winter, wearing them now!  Got new tires for my 11 year old Mazda, runs great, did research and got $150.00 off with a coupon compared to everyone else in town. Great traction!

5. Eat the Food- Try New Foods/Recipe-
Tried this again, a bit high on the butter, but nice! Mary's Apple Cake  I didn't bother making it with rows of apples, just laid them out, sorry no pic.

6. Build Community Food Systems-
Not this year, never made it to the farmer's market. Not selling eggs at this point.

7. Recycle/Re-Use- 
Donating some things to charity, will re-use existing items in upcoming bathroom re-do. Light fixture, towel bar, etc. Our corn stalks are out in front of the house, very Autumn-y! I bought some Twining's Extra Strong English Breakfast tea. Sadly they don't wrap them in individual foil pouches. After wracking my brain I found I had this almost empty glass container. I washed it, filled it, and printed a little label I made, glue stuck it on. On the counter ready for winter! I also re-used this tin to take the same tea to work in my drawer, as I drink tea every morning-

(sorry blurry)

Got a great deal on a comforter a few months back, stored it and got it out, since it's so cold. Got a fun little Hygge book on eBay for a couple bucks, just delivered-

8. Skill Up-
Dave and learned ALL about different kinds of toilets, since we need a new one. Once our flooring is here we'll buy one.

9. Regenerate What is Lost/Salvage Something-
We will start, hopefully, our bath remodel in the next month, waiting on flooring to arrive. May have to change plans on that as it slowing the process. We have a couple of back up plans for the flooring if needed. We're going thru a locally owned shop, used them before, just a matter of get the inventory in. They do great work, more selections that big box stores, nice people.

Autumn Fun Decor-
This is the time of year ,especially with our recent really cold weather, that I like to bring some nature inside. Here's a look at some of our fun fall decor mostly thrifted! Pretty soon it will be time to put up some scary Halloween stuff !

Dining room shelf, new truck from Home Depot!

Kitchen window

Front entryway

Love my new owls!
Our 5 little pumpkins we grew!