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Oct 27, 2014

Fermented Green Tomato Pickles, Who Knew?

Fermented Green Tomato Pickles, Who Knew?
I had never heard of these before but it sounds like a good idea to me! I'll try this this weekend if mine survive the frost. Since it's supposed to warm up after today, there's still hope!!! Recipes here-
Fermented Green Tomato Pickles  and here Green Tomato Pickles Anyone else ever tried these?

 Happy Autumn!

Oct 26, 2014

Winter's Coming, A Little Halloween Fun!, Crabby Dinner

Winter's Coming-
We're in for our frost frost tonite! A cold front blew in with some rain and wind yesterday and today. Feels like early winter. I had Dave take the bottom coop screen panel off, and replace with the glass panel to warm up the coop. I covered up all my herbs with blankets for the night. I'm hoping my tomatoes pull thru with no covers, if not they're all green anyway. More fall here-

 leaves coming down all around

Anya after she got up off the heating vent, big stretch.....

These are 3 fun goodies I found at Target- loved the birds, and got the battery candle lamp

A Little Halloween Fun!-
Last weekend we got our outdoor Halloween decor up. We don't have many tricksters here, so we keep it pretty simple. Some fun things inside too. Here's my fave door hanger-

Crabby Dinner-
I made my new recipe for stuffed crab rolls again. Delish! This time I used ciabatta rolls and added roasted red peppers. I served with it our ripe tomatoes, green beans and basil from the garden. Home canned nectarines on the side. I had my first ever Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Interesting flavor, very mild and light on the acid. Good for a chilly night... Since we're getting 2 eggs a day (finally) I made a big garden frittata last night. Oh my, the eggs and cheese were heavenly! Tonite I made a big nectarine crumble. Great stuff!

Oct 19, 2014

Fall Fermenting Veggies

Fall Fermenting Veggies-
I made my Curtido a while back, and was wanting to make something else that wasn't spicy. After reading this I thought I'd giver it a try. Lots of great vitamins and minerals, perfect for winter! I used one large bunch of Swiss chard, one bunch of kale, 1 thin sliced carrot, 1 large red onion, water and salt. That made two batches- one 1/2 gallon jar and one fermenting jar size, about 1 1/2 Qts. Just chop, alternate layers of veggies, smash down a bit. Very fast and easy! Now everything is fermenting away! Looks good! The hens really attacked the left over chard, and kale.

Some Anya fall cats naps-

And a fall breakfast- homemade banana bread w/pecans and Earl Grey tea

Love the chicken mug!

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