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Sep 21, 2014

Farmer's Almanac Long-Range Forecast Is Out- What's Coming For Your Winter?

From Farmer's Almanac

Farmer's Almanac Long-Range Forecast Is Out- What's Coming For Your Winter?-
I always find it fascinating to see their forecasts. Go here for the US and Canada forecasts-Almanac Weather Long-Range Interesting article here on how you can forecast the weather yourself- Almanac- Predicting Weather

We have a flash flood advisory up, hoping for rain today/tonight! Remnants of the Mexican hurricane...

Sep 20, 2014

Another Busy Week, Nectarine Pecan Cobbler Bread

Another Busy Week-
After a killer weekend last weekend canning and freezing nectarines, I was ready to crash. My back was killing me so I went to my miracle chiro/acupuncturist, Thursday, what a relief! All better. I had really thrown out my sacrum, oh joy. This weekend I'm relaxing more. Dave spread the compost today, I watered the garden and backyard, baked, and let the girls out. They do a great job digging it into the garden soil. Down to 3 hens since Ellie passed last week. Next spring I'll probably get 2 more chicks for 5 total. They're not quite laying but healthy and busy!

It's a bit cooler and not having to water quite so much. We had TERRIBLE smoky skies Wed./Thurs. blown in from S. Oregon/N. Cali. Just awful. Finally blew thru on Friday, blue skies again!!! About 82 today and clear, very nice. Putting out some fall decor tomorrow, what fun!

I sold 2 items on eBay with 3 more pending, if you're interested, they're women's warm winter goodies! L.L..Bean Women's Fleece Pullover   Eddie Bauer Women's Jacket   Women's LL Bean Parka

We bought a new mattress set today, what a process. We couldn't afford a Tempuredic but found another good foam bed, should help us sleep better. We had to do a lot of research but got a good deal. We both wake each other up with some leg movement, so this should calm that down, and ours was pretty saggy. It has a long warranty and should last. Bye, bye saggy bed next Saturday...

Back to work, things are much calmer. Thank god.

compost, what's that?

black gold

Gwyn says somethings down there!

yummy tidbits

"whatcha lookin at", Rosie looking at the camera, Pru is head down, she's shy :)

bugs in the turf too

Nectarine Pecan Cobbler Bread-
I had just a bit of nectarines left, so I searched for some recipes. I found this- Peach Pecan Cobbler Bread  Yummy! I love the chopped pecans and brown sugar on top. Wonderful and moist, and I had enough for 2 loaves, 1 to freeze...

Sep 16, 2014

My Little Sweetie's Gone

My Little Sweetie's Gone-
I lost my last older hen yesterday, Ellie. She was such a friendly, sweet and curious girl. Egg layer supreme, loved to be held and we'd visit. She had become sick a few months back, bounced back, but and then really went down on Sat. I brought her in Sunday, treated her, and she was gone yesterday afternoon. I had steeled myself for it. With a small flock you really get to know the personalities of your girls. She was inside, comfortable and had eaten a bit, but she went...

My favorite picture, napping on my shoulder-

Just a little puff ball :)

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