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Jan 15, 2017

Slow Cooker Easy Steak and Mushrooms

Slow Cooker Easy Steak and Mushrooms-
I made this recipe today- Slow Cooker Steak & Mushrooms from Nancy's blog, with a little modification. I wanted something I could walk away from, cook this weekend and have some nice leftovers. I'm working on making a big batch of something each weekend. I bought two skirt steaks, since I couldn't find flank steaks. I left out the wine, added more broth and added a little Worcestershire sauce. First broil the meat-

In the bottom of the crock pot below the meat I added a large rough chopped yellow onion, and several Yukon gold potatoes-

Next add the rest of the ingredients, and lots of pepper. I added baby carrots the last hour.

Put on the lid and walk away!

I cooked mine on high for 4 hours, and it was nice and tender. Make sure you cut against the grain to serve, or you will have stringy beef. I cut this up a bit before adding the mushroom mix. I cut into 4" x 4" pieces, then sliced before serving. 

Yum Yum!

Jan 14, 2017

What A Difference Some Rain Makes! Thrifting Scores, Winter Decor

 This weekend

What A Difference Some Rain Makes!
In the last week 2 weeks snow storm Helena blew thru dropping one foot or more of snow. We already had 10"-12" on the ground. It created many problems in this high desert area simply due to the sheer volume of snow. Many didn't make it to their jobs, schools were closed, accidents (many preventable), etc. The city and other businesses stepped up their game and started plowing side streets. That was a big success, however Boise's Mayor announced yesterday it was also a failure to respond more quickly. A learning lesson for various agencies. We had some rain for 2 days early this week, which helped slowly melt some of the snow. There was big fear of flooding, but luckily it stayed below freezing at night during the rain! It's just really cold again, 11 degrees last night. Foggy this morning, but the sun is coming out, and no more snow until Tues. No more huge storms heading our way hopefully. I cleared the area in front of the coop a bit more today. I re-filled the bird bath and put out a big bucket of wild bird food in the backyard. Two huge robins came out this afternoon and got a long drink. Sweet. I'm ready for spring!!!

Mr. Gnome getting some air!

Dave digging out the coop door last weekend

Lovely but too much!

New thrifted top/matching hat

Thrifting Scores-
I have started hitting thrift stores now that the roads are more clear. I found some adorable winter baby clothes for Grand baby Oliver and River. Oliver inherited his cousin River's infant wardrobe, BUT they were all summer infant clothes. I'm filling in the gaps. I found the top above (still with new tags on) and matching hat, new, nice and fuzzy. Another cute winter shirt-

LOVE the details!

Oliver's hat, Cookie Monster?

I found a great 1 Qt. water pitcher for our dining table. Looks to be hand made in a nice glaze with blue flowers, $4.00. We always keep water on the table for meals-

A big Santa mitten, about 12" long, .50 cents :), 1/2 off

For River, fleece cargo pants

Onesie for River

Winter set for Oliver, how cute!

Cute details

And something for Spring, a crib blanket! $1.99

I also bought 2 faux winter wreaths, about 12" in diameter, $1.00 1/2 price! 

Poinsietta, birds and mini-wreath

Winter Decor-
I always keep some funwinter decor out after the holidays are over. I love bringing nature in and it gives something visually interesting from the usual. Here's some of the things I have out currently-

Above our dining room drapes 

One of the new faux wreaths upper left

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