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Mar 1, 2015

Round Eggs Sells For $700 on eBay! Too Many Eggs= Spicy Dinner Omelette

                                                        From BBC News

Round Eggs Sells For $700 on eBay!-
You never know what will sell on eBay and this was great! Kim Broughton (left) will donate the money raised from the egg's sale to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Story here Round Eggs Sells For $700!

Kim's round egg

Too Many Eggs= Spicy Dinner Omelette-
Our extra-good girls have been laying 3 eggs per day every day! All winter too, with no extra lights! Even with selling a dozen a week we still have plenty. I love the part of urban homesteading of eating the foods you raise :)

Lots of eggs!

I was getting a bit tired of frittatas and French baked eggs for dinners. Last week I realized I hadn't made omelettes for years! Eureka! I got out some cilantro, local salsa, limes, cheddar and jack cheese. I looked up a basic recipe to refresh my brain, and easy-peasy. The omelette came out perfect, moist, nice and fluffy, and light! The main thing I read with omelette's is DON'T whisk your eggs (too many air bubbles), and oil the pan (even if non-stick). Here' what I did-

Spicy Salsa Omelette recipe-
I used 8 eggs (for 2) , beat with fork, poured into buttered pan, cook until almost done, rotating pan to make sure most of the raw egg gets cooked. When almost done I added to 1/2 the omelette- 1/4 cup chopped cilantro, 1/4 jack and 1/4 cheddar cheese. Wait til mostly melted, then flip 1/2 over on top. I kept an eye on it until the cheese started to melt out. I didn't try to flip it since it was pretty large, so I put the lid on for about 2 minutes. Cut in 1/2, remove carefully from pan, put on plate, top with spicy salsa, cilantro and serve with lime wedge. Enjoy! Years ago I also made some with shrimp, sauteed mushrooms, and sharp cheddar cheese. More eggs on the way!

Another feathered friend who likes our backyard- a Ground Dove

Feb 21, 2015

Independence Days, Thrifting Score!

Independence Days-
Well, I'd be the first to admit I've been lazy about posting about this! But I have been doing it, really. So without further ado...

1. Plant Something- 
Just a couple houseplants, too early (and wacky!) here.

2. Harvest Something- 
Just eggs and chives :) LOTS of eggs, 3 every day!!! Good girls...

3. Preserve/Store Something- 
Fermenting water kefir every few days. I need to make more veggies...

4. Manage Reserves- Get a Good Deal/Barter/Stock Up/Prep- 
Got a good deal (1/2 off) on homeopathic flu remedies. I'm actually working on the Pantry Challenge still, using up frozen, canned and pantry foods. I've really saved a lot of $$$, and we need to defrost the freezer! Our washer finally died, after 15 years, and 1000's of loads! We got a nice, new scratched/dinged front loading washer at Sears outlet, saved about $150.00 anywhere else on a cheap model. This one was 1/2 off, for $599. with a 1-day sale with 6% off which covered sales tax. We looked at repairing our old one, but it would be more costly than a replacement. We also noticed how much FASTER the spin is, as the clothes are coming out much DRYER. Yeah for saving on the power bill drying the clothes! We got it on Valentine's Day. How romantic :) I should have put a big heart on it for the photo-

Got a great deal on the little desk for the bedroom office. $69.00 here Realspace Limble Computer Desk It's nice and sturdy!

5. Eat the Food- Try New Foods/Recipe- 
Made the Italian Chickpea Farinata, and have been eating lots of Kale salads with grapes and blue cheese. I found a local food coop down the street a while back, but never went it. They sell Non-GMO oats from Montana and I bought a loaf of their bread. Amazing! Moist and great stuff, with no wheat. I'm cutting WAY back on my wheat, more about that later... Started using Hemp protein powder in fruit smoothies. Hope I don't have to pee in a bottle for work!  Also started using some coconut oil, great in smoothies too. Making a big omelet for dinner tonite. 

6. Build Community Food Systems- 
Still selling eggs to a co-worker, $3.50 a Dz., so the girls are earning their keep and then some :)

7. Recycle/Re-Use- 
We donated some leftover items from our home office re-do to our daughter, and the rest to a charity. Moved some things around too. I did a separate thrifting post below since I had such a great score today! I have a few things for eBay I will sell. Too much great stuff I just don't wear much. We put out the old washer for the recycling guy, but the steel thieves took it first. Oh well, not worth much anyway...

8. Skill Up- 
Learning some new recipes. And LOTS about how much we should be saving to "retire". Fascinating, yawn... And I put a book truck together, all alone, with an Allen wrench. I feel so special.

9. Regenerate What is Lost/Salvage Something- 
I'm going to re-paint our bedroom over spring break. The crisp, white bathroom paint of our DIY remodel inspired me to go with a much lighter wall color (peach now), some blue or green accents, and some new blinds. Someday we 'd like a new bedroom set. Maybe something decorated like this-

But that's not all!!!

I had to go to a dental appointment this morning and knew Goodwill was in the area :) Of course I had to drop in! I got some fun deals!!!

I found these 2 two in a plastic bag for $1.50 and they're from The Netherlands (Holland)! My daughter went there and brought me back a similar wooden shoe version. Now I have a little set! I LOVE blue and white patterns.

When I saw the mark when I got home I was thrilled! Delfts (if the mark is genuine) is a world-famous ceramic maker Delftware, and I recognized the name. The piece is either a salt cellar or a wall mounted vase. It's triangular and flat on the back with a hole on the top for hanging. Anyone else guess? I think it may be fairly old, but I can't find anything online on the markings... Got the Serendipity DVD for $2.00, love that movie, charming and sweet~~~

Classic windmill by the water motif

Nice little stainless steel cheese slicer

Fun washboard/key hanger $2.00. I may take off the flowers and do something else with it? I also got 2 brand new Coldwater Creek sweaters, gorgeous. I also found a brand- new retro, lightweight blouse/jacket I'll save for summer. Everything was $20.00!!!

At my last stop, Shopko, I found these drinking jars. I saw them last summer, $20.00 EACH and passed. $1.99 today, so I got 2! Score! I may go back and get a few more, great for yard work and a summer gatherings. I LOVE the Mason Jar/pie pan fluted edges, and they're BPA free...

Feb 19, 2015

Home Office Makeover Part 2, New Italian Wheat-Free Food, Spring Plants/Snow Coming, Dave's Cat Nook

New desk and chair

Home Office Makeover Part 2-
I posted a while back how Dave's new chair turned into an office re-do. We both knew we needed to clean it up and reorganize it. With the all kids gone a spare bedroom is  Dave office, which is nice! The computer I use is in the kitchen/dining area, on a built in (former owner) desk. Works great! So we bought the small, new desk (above) for Dave. We moved the furniture, since hubby wanted to see out the window. We ditched a few things to donations, and our daughter adopted and loved the old used desk & chair, so it was a win-win. Carpet shampooing is up next when summer hits. Here's the "after"...

Reorganized for now, hoping for a big hutch in the future. Look at all those sad, empty jars! No apples last year :( No applesauce, apple butter, sigh...

Nice and compact storage

New Italian Wheat Free Food- 
I found this Chickpea Farinata mix a while back at the Grocery Outlet and made some last night. You bake in a preheated pan (500 degrees!) and it comes out light and fluffy, almost like a pancake. High protein too. Next time I'll use some rosemary and cheese, and maybe pancetta on top :) You could make it from scratch as it's just chickpea flour, olive oil and salt. I did some salt and pepper on top...

With herbs de Provence spiced chicken breasts

Baked in my cast iron

Served with my kale, blue cheese and grape salad, yum!

Spring Plants/Snow Coming-
After the brutal winter back eaet we've been basking in the low 60's and now 50's, but the times they're changing, a bit. Snow/rain is in the forecast for Sat. night, with the 20's at night. Ugh, I fear my poor plants and trees will suffer. My flowers are coming up, for criminy's sake!!!

Chives are up

More crocuses...

Dave's Cat Nook-
Anya loves to cuddle Dave on her fave red blanket. It's thick, polar fleece and has a velvety feel. Must be nice on her paws :) Anyway, Dave got some gift certificates and combined with some cash and bought a Nook reader. He loves it, as he's a big reader! Kitty has rubbed it, pawed it, pushed it, but finally gave up the other night and cuddled with Dave in his nest with his leg crossed. Poor cat is SO abused, and jealous of a piece of plastic!

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