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Jul 21, 2014

My Firsts- Corn Relish & Fermenting, A Flock You Have To See!

My First- Corn Relish-
I finally decided to make some corn relish. I'd read about it for a while, but never had it. I might have tried it somewhere years ago, but I don't remember. I used use all fresh veggies, except the corn. I went with canned, horrors! I used the basic recipe online, and added 2 jalapenos. Smelled good as it simmered! I will be just refrigerating this batch, might can some another time... It was great with spicy, buttermilk-soaked fried chicken! Slightly spicy, and very tangy...

My First- Fermenting- I bought a 1/2 gallon fermenting jar kit, with an airlock lid, to get me started fermenting. I know you don't need one, but I was buying water kefir grains anyway, so what the hay. I bought mine here- The photo is incorrect and shows a 1 gallon, not the 1/2. I used their recipe and modified it a bit, and here we go!

You can see the ceramic weighting ring, keeps things submerged. 

Ready to go!

The airlock releases the gas.

I had more cukes than I needed so I used a recipe here for simple fermenting Myhumblekitchen and made 2 jars the old fashioned way, burping required. I thought I'll do a taste test when they're all done!

Grow baby grow! They're in a dark, cool place doing their thing...
How adorable!

A Flock You Have To See!
I saw these on Bornambitous-Bornimaginative, and they are so dang cute! She always has great photos of her kids and her place. She's doing a giveaway, so check them out! They come with a nest box, egg, and birth certificate. For those discriminating flock owners :)

Jul 20, 2014

Flour Sack Dresses & Aprons, Rural Life in The 30's and 40's

Flour Sack Dresses & Aprons-
I've been reading up on more vintage style aprons. I knew that old flour sacks were saved before and after the Depression and used for clothing. It explained why some clothes were cut the way they were. They didn't buy yardage, so they had to piece things together. Great photos and info here and vintage-style new patterns for sale Candleonthehill.

Child's dress

All matchy matchy :)

New Depression Era style from Countryliving

Feed the chickens!

Rural Life in The 30's and 40's-
What a great find here!!! The photographs are in amazing condition, really fascinating look at the past. Easy to read and broken up into sections-

Cooking on a wood burning cook stove

Making something good, with junior under the table! Looks like a pressure canner on the right of the table

making clothes

growing food

Jul 19, 2014

Hey You Idahoans! Handsome Young Man Needs New Home

My hubbies photo

Hey You Idahoans! Handsome Young Man Needs Home-
I know a few of my readers are from my area, so I thought I'd post this. Well you know how it goes- the hatchery gave me 2 pullets, and 1's a roo. Here's Fiona, or Fred, as we now call him. He's a really sweet little guy, about 3/4 months or so old. I bought in in early May, I think he was 2-3 weeks old. He's easy to handle and loves treats. He growing well and very healthy. I REALLY want to keep him, but no roos in the city. My birds are very clean and well cared for in a large urban coop with run. He's just starting to get some amber and light brown in his feathers, and should be quite handsome! I'd really like him to go into a small flock, and for someone to keep him. So if you are looking for a 4H project, a nice boy for your hens, please contact me and we will set up a pick up. No dinner chickens here please. Adults will have different color variations, but will tend to be white/brown/tan. Please email if you have any questions? He's ready for pick up any time... Thanks, Nancy

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