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Jul 1, 2015

Kitchen Re-Do Part Two, More Record-Breaking Heat

Kitchen Re-Do Part 2-
I recently posted about my Kitchen Backsplash Re-Do. Today was part 2! We had a plumber (luckily) pull out our old sink and install our new sink, faucet, garbage disposal and water filter with some minor modifications. We also had him replace our 35-year old leaky exterior water spigot. All good now! He was able to pull the old sink without damaging the counter, hurray! He put in the new, HEAVY, deeper, shiny sink and added all the components. I LOVE it! The old almond sink was pretty old and the new white one is really BRIGHT! It's a Kohler Brookfield cast iron model sink. A friend dropped by and remarked how, looking into the kitchen, with the new white back splash and sink, it was lighter! Yes indeed.

Old sink and faucet, way too high

Progress underway

New sink in, and adding components


So shiny!

I love the new stainless steel faucet I chose, a Moen Walden, smaller, low profile, cheaper & will do the job! 


We also added a soap dispenser and replaced our under counter water filter. All done! I donated the old sink to the Habitat store as it's still usable...

More Record-Breaking Heat-
Triple digits pretty much the whole last week. It is just so HOT for the garden, yard and chickens. We been watering some section daily and rotating the areas. It's 97 right now at 8:30 p.m. Ugh, I hope you're staying cool! The hens have been getting lots of cool treats and I'm using the mister too. The GOOD news- I picked my first 2 ripe tomatoes yesterday, 2 Lemon Boys, so tasty. I have NEVER harvested this early, but with the mild spring, and really early summer-like weather I planted early. My basil is huge too, ready for pesto making!


Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm said...

I love your new look. I need to do something like. You make it look so easy. Again, looking good!

Unknown said...

Thanks and the plumber really did all the work:) I just shopped!

Kristina said...

Looks great! We are not getting the heat, but we are too much rain. It has been nice to not have to run the AC though.

Unknown said...

Yes, it's an extreme either way :(

Mama Pea said...

What wonderful improvements you've been making in your kitchen. Love, love, love that back splash you've chosen. I don't currently have one but I feel you can't beat a white cast iron sink. Next time, that's what I'll get.

Hubby and I would be melted, useless puddles in your heat. Even though I can't grow tomatoes, I'll stick with our cooler weather!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mama! It's so nice and bright now walking into the kitchen:) Yes, it's so hot, but 80's yesterday so we got a break!

Laureli said...

I've been watching the weather anomalies across the southwest now for a couple of years as well as the cold anomalies elsewhere, and the west-coast drought conditions. I think it's all just part of the new normal - we call 'weather weirding'.
A month ago we moved from SW Colorado to SE Minnesota, and it's made me even more curious to try to figure out the new weather patterns (IF they are going to stick around a while to become patterns?)
The last 2 yrs. in Colorado, our summers were so cool at night that nothing but cole crops did well (broccoli, cabbage, cukes, salad greens, radish, peas and the like). I got 5 egg-sized mini squash and not much (if anything) else that should grow and yield in summer. No melons, no winter squash, no popcorn (MINI-plants and cobs), no tomatoes!
The 2 winters past are milder and spring comes about 2 weeks earlier now.
2 winters ago, we'd get a 3" snowfall, then it would melt, then another snow just like that - all winter. It was normal temps except for a week near -20 degrees.
Then last year we got about the same thing again without that terrible freeze (it felt like spring!) with one 'good' snowfall.
Summer just never heated up, and the monsoon storms that bring rain, brought hardly any except for one big 'torrent'.
Here in MN, I am hearing of weather not being 'normal'. It has rained most days the last month, and today I am wearing a thermal shirt! Of course on the other days it is muggy & without a breeze -it's stifling. The locals say that is NOT normal for this time of year.
Next year I'm putting up a greenhouse AND getting shade cloth, because the weather is just so weird that I want to have both bases covered!

Unknown said...

Yes, I hear you. It's hard to even figure out where to live! The early warmer weather is GREAT for gardening, but TERRIBLE for fire season and the heat :(

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