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Jan 19, 2022

Preparedness 18.0/Storage Containers, Instagram Deletes Gardening Info


Preparedness 18.0/Storage Containers-
Winter is still here! No more snow, but cold temps. We took down the Christmas decor last week. We still have up some winter decor, like these-

kitchen window

coffee table with new wood tray I bought

side table

Snowmen and winter fun will stay out for a few more weeks. So, here's some ideas that you might find useful! Onto the practical things in life............

If you're just getting started with preparedness I thought I'd go over some easy, inexpensive/free ideas for storing foods and other items. Some people think you have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to start a food pantry or food storage area. Pinterest is full of really gorgeous pantries that waste a lot of space and cost a lot of money to set up. From a practical standpoint you don't have to have a fancy-schmancy looking pantry to be prepared! Here's some ideas for some inexpensive/free storage containers you can use for getting more prepared. You can check out your local thrift store and yard sales for containers! Why buy new when you can get used, keep them out of the landfill and store your foods! Here's some ideas!!!

Glass jars, see above. Almost everybody buys things that occasionally are in glass jars and they are perfect for recycling for storage! Just wash them make sure they're dry and fill with all kinds of things like beans, pasta, Etc. For some foods you can use O2 absorbers. 

Baskets, they're great, whether wicker, plastic, wire, or metal, all can be used to store lots of things- 

Extra 1st aid and supplements basket

Extra meds

wire baskets with veggies

Bins and boxes. Leftover cardboard boxes are great for storing things in especially if they're smaller. Canning jar boxes are great! You can not only store your empty canning jars but because but you can stack them easily. You can cut down the edges and customize and make it work in your space. Plastic bins and totes work well also-



Vacuum sealed bag. I have one of these machines and they work great! While I primarily use these for the freezer I do occasionally use them for dry goods like nuts. They're a little bit of an investment initially but I noticed that they have completely eliminated any freezer burn on meats and things. I have frozen some for up to a year with no damage.

Plastic Ziploc bags. These come in handy if you have things that you want to store in a more flat way, like bags of chop nuts that you want to freeze. Put them in a ziploc bag, get out as much air as you can, roll them up, label and put in your freezer. Ditto to lay on the shelfs. 

Totes.  Like this leftover cat food one. I will clean, sanitize and line with food grade plastic, don't want our people food to smell like the cat's! 

Instagram Deletes Gardening Info -
I know that social media is clamping down on things for a variety of reasons. I won't get into the motivations. I was reading an email from Melissa from Instagram Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading  The email/post was about how to grow one year's worth food for your family. I love her blog, Youtube channel, she's got lots of great info. I saw the post flip up on an email and on Instagram and I thought I'd to check it out. Later I went to find it and it was gone. A little later she posted that (Facebook-owned) Instagram, had actually deleted it, including in her archives. Needless to say I was pretty shocked, to think that growing food for your family would be some kind of subversive activity! This is a really great reminder about how much to trust social media. Freedom of speech is our first right for a reason. What could possibly offend somebody wanting to grow food for their family? Maybe it's not about offending somebody maybe it's about controlling information. Buyer beware. Here's a new link with great new info on her blog!  How to Plan A Medicinal Herb Garden


Mama Pea said...

You're so good about giving folks who are just starting on putting food by great ideas and suggestions. So helpful. Love seeing the pictures of your seasonal decorations. Stay warm, happy and healthy.

Christine said...

I just discovered your blog. I live in the area, Wilder to be exact. We have a little farm and I'm a fairly new gardener. I watch multiple homesteading shows, roots and refuge being my favorite, but they're all about gardening and such in vastly different areas. I've been looking for someone more local that I can learn from and understands the unique differences of gardening in a different climate. My goal this year is for my garden to be more successful than last year. There's so much to learn it can be overwhelming, why I'm up at 2 am, because I'm planning a garden in my sleep. Lol. I tried to contact you via your link but I don't have outlook. If you are interested in mentoring a newbie please contact me.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Mama you are so kind! You too hope you're not buried in too much snow?

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Hi Christine. Thanks! If you go back through a lot of my posts in the last six months or so lots of different ideas, and on the right side bar there's lots of things of the gardening tab. There's lots there to do research with! And the University of Idaho Extension Office and Garden City has tons of free information. Good luck!

Joyful Mama said...

I love using baskets for storage and displaying books and such. I am glad to have found you through Homestead Bloghop. I am off to look at the rest of your blog.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks and welcome!

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