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Oct 7, 2021

Preparedness 11.0/ Amaranth Grain


Preparedness 11.0/ Amaranth Grain
Good ideas above, time to remind myself on occasion! First hard freeze is coming next week, winter's coming. We'll be winterizing the coop, closing the house vents, getting out the warmer bedding and winter clothes. Bye bye summer! So it was time to harvest Basil. I made a big quadruple batch of Rosie's Pesto. The Basil plants did great with three big pots full,  I harvested about 80%

Luckily the pine nuts I get at Winco are bulk, so I save quite a bit there. I always grate the cheese first in the food processor then set aside, juice the lemons, etc. I make it and freeze in small jars I bought years ago-

Little jars ready with fresh lemon juice

made 13 jars total, off to the freezer! 

I also saw Rosie's recipe for this Cajun Seasoning- 

We harvested another nice batch of tomatoes, cukes and peppers, tons more green on the vine to bring in next week-

headed for freezer, and/or pasta sauce this weekend

I had heard of Amaranth, but had never eaten any. I've tried lots of various unusual grain over the years- Millett, Teff, etc. I decided to buy some, it was less than $3.00 a LB, so I bought about 2 Lbs. I did some research and here's a nice looking breakfast dish Blueberry Amaranth Porridge  You could do lots with this, since it's a great source of protein! Lots of info here on nutritional info Food Facts Mercola Amaranth

I hit the Dollar Tree and scored four bags each of black beans, Northern beans and rice. No price changes yet, may coming according to the national news-

Bought two bags of these to try-

I've continued to stock up on bulk spices, more cabbage for the fridge, filling nooks and crannies. I seasoned my new thrifted cast iron pot, came out great! What are you doing to prepare for winter? 


Rain said...

Your basil looks great Nancy, I love the little jars for the freezer. I wish we had a Winco here in Canada! I've been canning and freezing, stocking up on staples...Alex and I are planting trees today. We harvested a lot of spruce and pine from across out land, little saplings. They've been in pots all summer until we could figure out where we wanted them. But we had hard frost last night today's the day they get transplanted with some fertilizer to help the roots. I'm still trying to achieve my goal of stocking up enough food/drink and pet food so I never have to leave my house from January to April! Haven't achieved that yet but each year I'm getting closer!! :)

Rain said...

Oh, and will you do a post about winterizing your chicken coop?

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Good for you! Great idea of planting all those extra trees!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Sure and there are some older posts I believe but yes will show how we do that

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