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Jun 24, 2019

Harvesting Service (Saskatoon) Berries, Thrifting Scores! Goats On Patrol

Harvesting Service (Saskatoon) Berries
Having two nearly recording-breaking months of rain, April and May, made for a huge amount of service berries! Dave harvested about 1 gallon so far. I bagged them in 4 - 1 Qt bags to freeze. I found lots of recipes online, you can check out my Pinterest food page, if interested (link on the right). Lots of info here too about the berries and benefits. There's probably several more Qts. out there. I plan on making syrup to can for sure! Maybe some mini tarts. Time will tell!

Travelog Anti-Theft Bag, $4.00

Thrifting Scores!
I stopped by Goodwill Saturday and really scored! I found 1 new, and 1 like-new, pair of expensive work slacks, perfect! $5.00 each. Then I found all of this- 

Tonka loader and recycled plastic fire truck, $3.00 each, for grandsons

New planter, $1.00, new metal cup, $1.00, 2 new non-stick cake pans $1.50 each, pitcher $4.00

Love the detail on the pitcher, new, very summery!

New corn stalk yard art, $4.00

Great in the backyard!

Goats On Patrol-
Every year the County brings in a large flock of goats on my route to work. They put up electric fencing and go to work. The weeds were about 3' - 4' high when they started. They've made good progress in the last week. I smile as I drive by every morning on the way to work! I took these photos while Dave was driving so I didn't run off the road. Wish I'd have gotten better photos, but there's no where to park. They have water and plenty of shade, and only in the 70's this week. Its a pretty great job they do, and no herbicides! They're used around Boise in different areas and it's a great program!!!


Rain said...

I love those metal "camping" cups! Those are great. Oh the berries look so good! A syrup sounds like a good idea. Smart idea about the goats!!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...