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Oct 7, 2012

Easy Herbed-Baked Egg Recipe & More

Ina Garten's baked eggs with collard greens, and broiled herb cheese bread

Easy Herbed Baked Egg Recipe & More-
I saw this on Ina Garten's show Friday, on the Food Network- French Style Herbed Baked Eggs.  Oh boy, another egg recipe! I needed to buy some small gratin dishes, since I didn't have any. I found some at Cost Plus yesterday for $3.99 each.  Great deal! I could have looked for thrift store ones, but not sure if I could have found any. And they were really GOOD, the fresh herbs really enhanced the eggs.

Baked eggs going into the oven

My wonderful collard greens, excellent harvest this year and very healthy cooked right

 I can do the recipes below in small ramekins I have. I like the look of Ina's better, since the dishes are bigger, and look nicer to present (IMO).

Happy Fall!


Carolyn said...

Looks delicious. You know, when we moved to the homestead, I had about a dozen of those dishes.....and gave them to the Salvation Army when we were packing up to I WANT them back just for this recipe!!! Ugh. Oh well. I'll find something that will work.

Love the stuffed owl! And even though I love cats....well, he's just a bit freaky look'n with that grin.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Looks delicious! I may have to try that yet. Your collards look great. Mine were all bug eaten this year.

Candy C. said...

Those eggs look sooo good, sounds pretty easy too! :)
I'm with CR, love the little stuffed owl!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I love the cheshire halloween cat I got a month or so ago (from and the owl I got recently from Shopko. Cute :)

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate what you post. You have a new subscriber now.

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