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Feb 4, 2018

Record High Temps, Thrifting & More, Bedroom Paint Soon

What's wrong with this picture?
Record High Temps- 
It's 60 degrees today with a little rain. It feels like April instead of early February! I was looking at the cold frame today and did a double take, the collard greens that wintered over have new leaves!

I opened up the upper coop window all the way to get some fresh air, and had our sliding glass door open in the kitchen. With the rain it feels like it cooling off a bit. This make me REALLY nervous for fire season if this continues. I hope we get more snow in the mountains or things could get really UGLY. When you live in high desert GREEN is a good thing. You don't want dry foothills and mountains too early, sigh. Here's hoping for either more snow for a while or LOTS of rain!

Thrifting & More-
I did some shopping this weekend and found some great goodies! I got the vase above for $1.25 at a thrift store, perfect for Valentine's Day! I put my Valentine's Day things out almost all thrifted-

I added red faux flowers to the vase on the R after I took the photo

My vintage jar full of sparkly hearts and apples, blocks from Target, $1.00

80% off one summer

Another cheap find

I broke down and bought some NEW jeans this weekend, after not finding any for a while at thrift stores. I will say it's nice to go to a rack pull some new ones, try them on, buy and leave. Easy.

I bought a new Target $10.00 front door mat, as ours was falling apart, goes great with the entry way. Nice and bright-

 After doing our taxes, and finding out we're getting a refund this year, I splurged on a piece of wall art at Joann's Fabrics, perfect for spring and summer over a side table I use in the living room-

Wood frame, metal background, love it! 

I'm also going to a new bathroom faucet for my little bathroom, since the finish is shot and wearing out. We bought a cheap brand ten years ago, but that's what we bought. Now I'm looking for a good deal on a good brand, something like this-

Before shot
Bedroom Painting Soon
Next on the list of projects will be painting our master bedroom this month. I'm taking a couple vacation days off work to do the bedroom and touch up some other areas.  I was going to do it last summer, but with Dave's layoff I didn't want to spend the $. It's currently peach, but I'm going to paint it the same as our master bath, a very white gray. It looks very crisp and clean with white trim. Dave photo shopped this for me, but it's a little darker gray, but what a difference!!!

Photoshopped after shot

I'm was thinking about doing an accent wall behind the headboard with board and batten. I just don't know if it will work well with the existing furniture? I'm leaning towards a no. For the same price of materials, or less, I could buy a new medicine cabinet for our little bathroom. It's getting pretty funky, so I'm leaning towards that. Time will tell. Our "little bathroom" is actually a 1/2 bath "master bath" with the way our house is set up. The big bathroom is down the hall. We gutted it a few years ago when the floor was rotting from an old water leak. "My bathroom" is the little one. Dave uses the big bathroom primarily since we get up for work at the same time. Works great! I re-did the back splash and decorated, since the paint is in good shape. Now just a new faucet, maybe medicine cabinet and it will be "done" for now. Someday I'd like new flooring and counter, but it's good for now.


Susan said...

I can't believe you have things growing in your garden! Wowza! Mine is encrusted under a thick layer of snow, then ice. Spring can't come soon enough. I like the new color (ish) of your bedroom wall - it is very soothing and calming. There's nothing like a new coat of paint to make a room seem new.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes it's been a very crazy winter not at all like last year's extreme snowfall