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Jan 28, 2018

More Crazy Weather/Bye Bye Winter Decor, Origins Of The "Keep Calm and ... ", Minestrone Soup & Pesto Pasta w/Eggs

Sunset Wednesday Night

More Crazy Weather/Bye Bye Winter Decor-
We've been on a recent roller coaster weather wise- warm, cold, rain, snow, sun, warm~~~~  We had torrential down pours on my way to work (in the dark) mixed with snow Wed. nasty commute! We were supposes to wake u to 3 " of snow yesterday (Saturday), but only had a few snowflakes mixed with rain. Today we had VERY dense fog in the morning, which burned off to a pretty fairly sunny day! It's 54 at 3:00 this afternoon. With a warm forecast for next week, I'm ready for spring! We went to Joann's Fabric yesterday for a few things. We put away all the winter decor yesterday and I put out my normal things. On the dining room shelf, I dded flowers on the top right from Joann's for a few dollars-

I also found this thick wooden bird with a white hook, it's about 10" wide, too cute! $5.00 I think. It's in the living room, and I may hang a little batch of my lavender on it-

I had a pretty, ceramic clock who's mechanism had died. For $9.00 we bought the clock rehab kit at Joann's. We took off the old one, just unscrewed, then I wiped down the face- 

Added the new kit, problem solved!  Here on Amazon- 


Anya decided she would fill the empty coffee table basin, since it's now empty of the winter goodies. I mean- what more do you need! 

Origins Of The "Keep Calm and ... " Posters-
Like everybody else I have see a lot of different versions of the poster above, personalized, on mugs, tee shirts, you name it. I thought it was from the 1940's, from WW Two It was actually from 1939, in Britain. Fascinating history here- Origins Keep Calm and Carry On. Link to a story of the couple who found a copy  Here's a link to a site where you can make your own, free! Make A Keep Calm Poster

Minestrone Soup & Pesto Pasta w/Eggs-
With snow in the forecast last weekend I decided to make some homemade minestrone soup. I found this recipe, pretty close to what I'd had Minestrone Soup . I used just kidney beans and skipped the zucchini. You can add extra pepper, or red pepper flakes, if you like some kick. This is a fast soup too! Serve with some Parmesan on top and hot bread. It's VERY healthy with lots of veggies and uses no meat.

I had set out some homemade pesto made from my organic basil to make pasta with. I wanted to add some protein and was scratching my head. I brought in an egg from the coop and set it on the jar so it wouldn't roll of the counter. I had that eureka moment! Poached eggs on top of the pesto pasta! A little fresh Parmesan cheese, salad and bread. Perfect! 


Rain said...

The minestrone looks delicious! Now that's comfort food :) Anya is so cute, cats can fit into anything can't they? :) I LOVE that wooden bird!!

Susan said...

Anya in the bowl is just adorable! This weather has been so weird. I guess weird is the new normal. Isn't it funny how ideas come to us? What a brilliant combination - poached eggs are good on almost anything!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

yes had to buy the bird!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes thanks it was pretty funny seeing the egg on top of the pesto