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May 28, 2017

Veggie Planting Time/Big Box Stores Go Heirloom, Thrifting Scores!

Veggie Planting Time/Big Box Stores Go Heirloom-
Friday night we went to a small, local nursery to start buying garden veggies. I decided to call them since I had never started the sweet Italian Melrose/Marconi pepper seeds. I thought they might possibly have some. It turned out they had some Giant Marconi in stock, so I bought a couple! I will save my seeds for next year-

I also found some heirloom sweet Italian Nardello peppers, so bought a couple of those-

From Google

I bought 2 heirloom hot peppers, a variety called Bulgarian Carrot. I wanted something fruity but not as hot as a Habanero, and the nursery recommended these-

Photo Source Google, talk about carrot colored! 

I was thrilled to receive two $20.00 gifts cards from my two kiddos for Mom's Day, since they know I LOVE to garden. The $40.00 paid for most of our veggie and herb plants today. Sadly our last soaker hose bit the dust so we had to buy a new one. It's a good investment since we had a better harvest with less water use. Today at Home Depot I found the same Giant Marconi Pepper that I found at the local (expensive) nursery. Much bigger plants so I bought one. It's great to see Home Depot, etc. carrying more heirloom varieties. I guess they figured they were losing business not carrying them? Or maybe it's customer requests? While they still sell a lot of GMO varieties, at least they're offering more non-GMO. It's about time! I bought mostly heirloom tomatoes today- Lemon Boy, yellow cherry tomatoes, Mr. Stripey and some medium Jet Star low acid ones. We also bought a jalapeno, and we planted organic Blue Lake beans in our bean row. Busy day, but we got everything planted. Next year I am hoping to set up our mini greenhouse indoors with lights, since the springs have been so crazy weather-wise.
New pepper area

More peppers! 

Lemon cukes and more peppers

Late day row of tomatoes and Marion berry blossoms

More berries!

The chickens had a nice free range time this afternoon. The neighbors behind us now have 3 ducks. Hopefully they know what they're doing. It was pretty funny when I noticed the ducks were peaking thru their enclosure on the other side of our fence- 

See the eye?  :)

At the end of a big gardening day what did we have for dinner? My roast beef from the freezer with veggies, in the crock pot and amzing. With red wine too! Super tender but not mushy-

Anya checking out the great buy!

Thrifting Scores!
Yesterday I stopped by a thrift store while I was running errands. I found 2 matching, folding kids patio chairs, only $3.00 each! Great for the growing grand children. I also found a watermelon slice $1.99 for summer decor-

$1.00 faux flowers for a project 

A .99 cent whiteboard with magnets to add to a "busy board" for grand kids-

A $4.00 magazine rack I will use for storing Grand kids books, I may paint, haven't decided yet-

A  $3.00 tall, galvanized 4th of July candle holder at Target-

I also went to the Eddie Bauer Outlet with a $10.00 loyalty card. I found an $85.00 pair of dress work slacks marked down to $14.99, with my $10.00, a mere $5.00!!! Well made and gorgeous. Happy day to score!!!


Goatldi said...

Lots of WOW's going on there! Good thrift shopping on your part. What kind of climate do Marion Berries like? Would love to have some at my place but we might be too warm.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

We live in Boise Idaho with hot summers. Just Mulch and keep well watered

Goatldi said...

Thanks! I will give them a whirl.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

They have a wonderful flavor!

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