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Jun 11, 2017

Deck Cleaning and More Planting, Grand Baby's 1st Birthday

Deck Cleaning and More Planting-
Talk about more crazy weather, it was in the low 60's and rained off and on this weekend. It's 52 and POURING right now at 9:00 p.m. So much for summer weather. Luckily it will warm up late this week. I'm taking Friday off and looking forward to doing some painting projects outdoors (more later). We built our backyard Trex deck abut 10 years ago. I highly recommend that material, very low maintenance! It was getting pretty dirty. We pressure washed it about 3 years or so ago. Dave borrowed two washers from friends, but they wouldn't work, so he rented one. $60.00 later it looks like new! 

Dirty on the right

He also pressure-washed a few other things at the same time. $ well spent! As for planting I still had empty pots to fill-

I had a $10.00 off coupon at a local nursery, so we bought a couple more tomatoes, replacement lemon cukes (chickens ate them!), more basil and some annuals-

Dave and I got everything planted before the mid-afternoon rain storm-

More cukes, added more protective fencing this time

2 more Roma tomatoes, ready for cages

Next year I plan on setting up our mini-outdoor greenhouse indoors, with grow lights. We can start seeds, earlier, with stable indoor temps and save $$$. This spring was too crazy. Time to adapt!

Yesterday I thawed the last of last summer's tomatoes (that's only 1/2 in the pic) and made a tasty pasta sauce! Looking forward to some fresh ones soon! I added some Italian sausage and cooked it down for dinner last night with whole grain linguine. To go with it I made a wedge salad with Trader's Joe's balsamic glaze, blue cheese and red onion-

I also made a triple berry cobbler to have some fruity dessert-

With Trader Joe's amazing custard vanilla ice cream, oh the goodness

Neighbor kitty Poesy came for a visit, and a drink-

We have tons and tons of baby peaches on our front tree and Dave and I had to think them. Some of the branches are the size of chopsticks, and the branches were bending already. Still mote to come, but sad to do. Gotta protect the tree long term though. We have a ton of apples as well. I think I may have a major canning project this year, which is great! Pear tree and berries are loaded as well. I think they liked the wet spring.

Little River man

Grand Baby's 1st Birthday-
Last Saturday we celebrated our first Grand baby's birthday, how exciting! He's a really sweet boy, and learning how to walk-

With cousin Oliver, on the left, Grand baby #2

We had a potluck at our daughter's house, with food, and then outdoor pool time! Love their outfits, how cute :) Time sure goes fast. Oliver was born a 10 lb.+ baby, now the same size as River, who was born 6 lbs.+, crazy!


Kristina said...

Glad you got your planting done before a nice rain. That always helps. Those kiddos are adorable. Looks like you had a grand time with them.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes it poured all last night, with thunder and lightning!

Susan said...

I think I may have to replant my basil - we got weeks and weeks of rain and cold temps and it looks absolutely miserable. Your neighbor's cat is beautiful and those boys! Adorable!!!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

It doesn't look like our tomatoes have grown very much recently with the cooler crazy weather. I love Posey I have to say I sneak her a little food once in awhile haha. And yes River is very photogenic!

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