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Jan 21, 2017

More Crazy Weather! Got My Hand Back, DIY Low Cost Valentine's Day Farmy Decor

Blue Sky!!!
More Crazy Weather!
After more snow, 3" late Wednesday, it started melting! I fell going in to work Thursday, since there was standing water on ice, not a good combination. Jammed my right elbow, shoulder sore, twisted left knee a bit but okay otherwise. They should have had sand down. Anyway, it's been melting the last two days and we had 40 degrees today and a little blue sky! A tropical heatwave. Chickens have finally been able to come out and enjoy the warm temps. I saw some grass exposed when I put the hens in a few minutes ago. Grass, what's that??? We've had lots of birds out and I saw a Great Blue Heron fly over our house today too-

Google photo

They're seen frequently around our rivers and water areas, so I was surprised to see one over our house. Gorgeous! Must have been a bit off course.

Got My Hand Back-
I finally have my left hand back, all healed up from surgery in late October. No more braces/splints, just putty for strength. My surgeon did a great job. My hand had this going on, bone on bone, ow-

They removed the bottom, worn out chunk and created a "sling" of sutures. The tissue heals around it. No more pain, and only a small incision, 2"-3". I've got good grip strength and comfort. I wear my scar proudly. I'm very aware and appreciative of the fact I had insurance to cover most of this. Some might have had to do without sadly.

Ready for transformation!

DIY Low Cost Valentine's Day Farmy Decor -
Next weekend end we'll be putting away the winter decor, snowmen, etc. I have had WAY too much of the real thing. I'll put some regular decor back out and add some Valentine's Day items. I spied these glitter hearts and I thought- cut off the ribbons and put in a Mason jar. I'll add some raffia possibly, then done! I bought these out thrifting in the last 2 weeks, 50 cents for the box- 

I will cut off the loops, add these to a basket or bowl for another pop of red! Easy peasy. I will post photos when they're done. Just add a few things to what you already have. I could also add apples to my winter decor for next year. I AM READY FOR SPRING!!!


Susan said...

Glad you're healed up - now watch that ice! You've had more winter weather than we've had - no wonder you're ready for spring. I would just like winter back, thank you very much!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

It's going to get much colder this next week, brrrr....

Paulette Peutz said...

Hello there...just love your email posts. We are actually neighbors, just sixty or so miles to your southwest! We have had a total of 47" here on our farm on the Owyhee River. Add three layers of ice to compact that and life is pretty busy over here. Thank God, we don't have any calving until March. Thanks for all your hearty meal tips from scratch. Have alot of food allergies and most prepared products out there are off my shopping list. Hope to start a blog of my own this Spring...Paulette

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