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Jan 22, 2017

Home-Style Smothered Chicken, Kodiak Pancakes/Syrup Review

Home-Style Smothered Chicken-
One of my recent goals has been making a big batch of something for multiple dinners, every weekend and without getting bored. My favorite Smothered Chicken recipe is from the same cookbook that has my favorite fried chicken recipe I bought 2 big packs of boneless chicken thighs for $12.00, about 6 lbs. or more.  I doubled the recipe, making several dinners and then some! I used a big lasagna pan. Recipe below-

No time to type it out, sorry

It's simple but very tasty. You could really season it anyway you like, but I like the onion and thyme. I added baby carrots. I served with big cheesy herb biscuits and a kale salad. Yummy!

Kodiak Pancakes/Syrup Review-
I saw this pancake mix at Costco a while back and decided to buy some yesterday. FYI, This is not a paid for endorsement! I made some today, you can add just water, or milk, or milk/egg. Nice flavor, lots of protein, whole grains. $8.00 for a BIG box with three envelopes inside. I like pancakes once in a while but wanted more whole grains, protein, and easy to make, so this is the ticket! I first saw this brand when I bought this syrup a few months back-

Best fruit syrup I've ever had hands down! I'm not a maple fan. Tons of fruits, little else, nice and "clean". Their website is here for more info-


Kristina said...

Oh my, that plate of food looks so good!

Susan said...

When I used to travel south, there was a lot of 'smothered' dishes. Smothered in delicious-ness, I'd say! Thankfully, I am fan of maple syrup, since I am surrounded by it!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks I love his Lowland cookbook, lots of great dishes. For some reason I have never cared for maple go figure!

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