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Aug 7, 2016

Reclaim Paint Review/Table Makeover, Micro Urban Homesteading Garden, New Grandbaby Gender!

Reclaim Paint Review/Table Makeover-
Last year I was asked to review Reclaim Paint and was gifted with paint, glaze and sealer. I chose Bright White and was sent one Qt.-


I had plans to paint two tables last fall then I changed jobs. I put it on the back burner for warmer weather. Now, time to paint! Reclaim paint is advertised as an ultra thick, gorgeous, low prep paint. What's not to love? It comes in a wide range of colors. I had two tables to do and a couple of craft projects. I did table #1 today, will do #2 on upcoming Labor Day weekend. The first thing I noticed when it came in the mail was how HEAVY is is! I test drove it first this winter on my cardboard box turned to a Faux French Country Planter Box -


and my little soap crate

my medium sheep crate

 So, here's how it went today, with my little side table to be made over...

"Before" picture

This was my Mom's table, who passed away years ago, and while I love the lines it was dark and didn't go with anything else. I started thinking of Scandinavian country with the curvy lines. White it is! I washed the table down with some Dawn and finished with a white vinegar/water wipe. Nice and clean, I set up my paint area on my deck, plastic on the table. The area outside was warm and breezy today, and with our dry weather a good time to paint-

Since the table has such long legs I decided to paint it upside down to start, and paint the top last-

I removed the knob and saved it to re-use, see the big scratch on the drawer?

First coat, I knew it would need at least two with the dark finish

I flipped it over after the second coat, then did the top and lower shelf. A few touch ups later I put the knob back on and took inside, back to my living room-

  I thought about some grain sack striping on the top and on the drawer like this-

I have decided to live with the simple white for a while. It would be easy enough to add stripes later.
I just tend to shy away from anything too "trendy" and grain sack stripes are a big trend. A lot of people may be repainting to get rid of those in a few years! Here's the other small craft painting items I did as well- 

"Before" picture,  my .69 cent thrifted bunny

2 coats of Reclaim paint later, loving it!

I also painted a small frame, blond wood before, now ready for a botanical print-

All in all I'm really impressed with the paint and coverage! I used 2 sponge craft brushes and a small craft bristle brush. It was a lot of leg painting, so I was fine with a not perfect surface. The top came out super smooth. Less strokes is better. It's almost a bit of a cross between chalk paint and low sheen/satin flat finish. I was going to glaze the table but I want to think about it. I will also seal the top with a sealer I was given, to protect from any water damage etc. Since it's a sturdy wood table I want to protect the finish. With the one qt. I still have about 1/3 to 1/2 left, plenty for my other table. With that flat table I would use a roller. All in all great stuff!

Corn, squash beets and beans

Micro Urban Homesteading Garden-
My daughter Angie and her husband Chris are both gardeners and real DIYers. They're renting a tiny house with a micro backyard, but have done a tone of work with it. The results have paid off! I wish I had "before" pictures. Just visualize a dirt back yard! They added a small amount of turf for a sitting/dog area, gravel path/border, then veggies and even a peach tree! I'm so proud of them!!!

They used pallets to go vertical on the back fence, with herbs and flowers, tons of tomatoes in front, 
 Angie used chalk paint on the pallets, cute!

Flowers, tomatoes, beans, peppers, going vertical!

Chris built a wishing well from pallets as well

cold frame of strawberries

We had a baby gender reveal party there Friday so I couldn't get more shots of their yard, with lots of people there. It's extremely productive garden for the small space they have. They served a beet salad and amazing corn from their garden at their party, yum!!!

New Grand Baby Gender!-
At the party Friday night it was revealed that our next Grand baby (due in December) will be a BOY! His name will be Oliver, for my hubby's old family name, sweet. Grand baby River is doing great and we baby sat for 4 hours last night, what fun!!! 

Last week River he was thinking- Should I wake up or sleep, I'm so confused!


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I love those boxes! I have never done anything like that! Congratulations on your upcoming grandbaby. That is a wonderful little garden. Shows what can be accomplished in a small space. Very creative. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks and yes those wooden crates are kind of fun to do with free vintage French prints available online

Grantham Lynn said...

Love the table. Great job. Your garden looks great. It looks like a small space. I am hoping for one next year. Tried containers with some success this year. But we hope to move to a duplex so I'll have a little flat space!
Congrats on the grandson. So sweet. I came over from the Homestead Party. I linked too. Come over and see me!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks and that's actually my daughter's garden space.

Mama Pea said...

Nancy, your talent, ability and craftiness is beyond words!

Don't cha just hate it when people say, "Oh, I would garden, but I don't have enough space." To that I want to scream, "Cop out!!!" Just look at what your daughter and husband have done. And congrats to them (and you!) on the upcoming blessed event.

If River's hands can be compared to a puppy's big feet (and I mean that in the most loving way possible), I'd say he's going to be one big, healthy boy!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Mama, don't know why your comment went into my spam folder, scratching head??? Yes maybe so with River's hands!!! :)