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Jul 17, 2016

Kitchen/Bath Re-Do One Year Later, Instant Asian Dinner, Banana Bread

Kitchen/Bath Re-Do One Year Later-
I deep cleaned my kitchen yesterday and was reflecting our kitchen and small bath re-do last summer. I'm happy that everything has held up well, cleans easily and still looks bright and airy! These are new photos, since I have tweaked things-

Here are my posts showing what we did, on a small budget, with before and afters- paint, new back splash, sink, etc.- Backsplash Re-do  Starting Kitchen Re-do  Kitchen Re-do Part 2

I also did a frugal mini-makeover on my small master bath, with a new back splash, and moved some things around-

Link here to my before and after-  Mini-bathroom Makeover Refresh

Instant Asian Dinner-
What to do for dinner after you've been cleaning the kitchen all afternoon? Instant Asian! Take one roasted store bought chicken, remove skin and cut in chunks. Add to a salad mix from Costco, toss the salad with most of the dressing, top with chicken, cashews, wonton strips, rest of dressing and sesame seeds. Excellent!!!

$4.00 at Costco

Banana Bread-
What do you do with 6 black bananas? Make a loaf of banana bread! I used this recipe Banana Bread   and added 1 cup of pecans and 1/2 cup raisens. Super moist and delish!!!


Kristina said...

I love your re-do. I really like the colors in your bathroom too. That food looks delicious. When I had just one rotten banana I would take it out to our 175 pound lamancha buck. He's not here anymore, and the wethers are just now eating scraps of food.

Little Homestead In Boise said...


Susan said...

(Argh! My comments keep disappearing!) Your kitchen is so bright and airy! A wonderful space in which to prepare such yummy meals. I might have to steal your instant Asian salad idea... :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Susan! I don't know why they disappear either???