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Aug 9, 2014

A Little Sun Valley Vacation, Using Trip Advisor, Harvesting Veggies, No Rain- Again, Lemon Scones & Blackberries

A Little Sun Valley Vacation-
After doing a lot of research, we decided to take a short vacation for 3 days to the Sun Valley area here in Idaho. We decided not to go to Yellowstone or the Tetons, since we were late in planning. I found a nice, cheap motel in Bellevue, below Hailey and Ketchum. The great thing is Hailey, much of what Bruce Willis has owned, is the incredible, low cost food places to eat. Think grass fed beef burgers on brioche rolls, with organic veggies at the Power House Pub & Bike Store  Yum! And only $10.00, that would be cheap for Boise. Dave loved the HUGE beer selection! We had breakfast at Shorty's Diner, a fun 50's style place. Willis owns that building too.

Ketchum is the very expensive, somewhat snobby ski area. Lots of mega-mansions up there, and too many golf courses to count. By contrast we've gone to McCall, a resort area, and there's no snobbish behavior from what we've seen. Very relaxed. We went to 2 museums, both closed for some unknown reason. The really cool thing we did was to take a gondola up to 7,000 feet, on Bald Mountain, for lunch! It was a gorgeous ride, but a bit hazy from forest fire smoke. We ate out on the deck (sorry no pics) and had gourmet sandwiches, and relaxed. The Roundhouse interior was really gorgeous, built in the 20's. I love the mountain theme-

Roundhouse deck

I want that sled table!!!

I always try to buy a little something from a special trip. I found this recycled-glass sun catcher for $10.00 in Ketchum, gorgeous purple/blue...

Using Trip Advisor-
One of the things I love is doing research before any kind of travel. I use Tripadvisor! Since we travel rarely, and on a very tight budget, we need more bang for the buck. We've found low cost, reliable motels, meals, and other excursions on it. I also write reviews after we go to some of those places. I highly recommend it!

Harvesting Veggies-
We're finally getting a steady supply of tomatoes: yellow, plum, cherry and some Early Girls. Peppers seem to be late all over the valley, must be the heat. I know fruit won't set on tomatoes if it's over 85 or 90. Maybe peppers too? Yellow squash are coming, pickling cukes, and lots more blackberries!


I won the battle of the Swiss Chard! After planting and covering with bird netting, I have a good crop!!!

Twin Falls, Idaho
No Rain, Again-
While we have had lots of thunder heads, and heat, we've had zero rain. Yesterday the rain that bypassed us went east to Twin Falls. We really need some rain, to help rid us of the smokey skies. The lightning has been pretty bad lately, sparking small fires up in the hills and mountains nearby. I have heard at least 6 NIFC planes overhead the last hour. We saw one of these yesterday near McCall-

Used for moving water, had a tube on it, from Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane

Lemon Scones & Blackberries-
I made some quick lemon scones, added our dead-ripe blackberries, with some leftover lemon curd for an amazing quick dessert. Oh man, those berries are so good!

I finally got my vintage apron washed and ironed. I like it!!!


Anna D said...

We prefer little hidden away places to vacation too. We did take the grandkids up to Telluride, CO this year, it was about an hour drive from where we were staying. It was the off season so all the rich & famous had gone home. It was very nice. We rode the Gondola up and over the mountains and it was so beautifully green.

I'm envious of your garden, I had surgery right about planting time so I didn't get to put in a garden this year, but I am going to make up for it next year!

Thanks for sharing a little glimpse into your world there in Idaho!

Nancy po said...


Kristina said...

Sounds like a fun trip.

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