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Aug 1, 2014

Kitchen Counter Re-Do, History of RV's & A Truly Off Road RV, 100 Day Pantry Cookbook

Kitchen Counter Organization Re-Do-
You know how you just get used to something? Then one day you have one of those "what was I thinking?" moments? I did. My kitchen counter wasn't too messy, but a bit cluttered looking, and in need of reorganizing. This week I was looking at some various organizing ideas for one of our bedroom, then stumbled on to lots kitchen counters ideas. They jumped out at me! Hey, why was my toaster clear across the kitchen away from the food prep area? And the bread box? Hmmm... got me thinking. The short version- I looked more closely at what really gets used daily, and what doesn't. While some have a system of having empty counters, it's a bit to stark for my tastes. Here's what I did, yes it's my kitchen! I know, you've never seen it before :) I hope you like it!

First I took everything off, and wiped down and cleaned, then made piles.
I decided what I really needed to be out. It didn't take too long to decide. Then I moved things closer to where they should be. So...
Toaster and breadbox moved closer to the food prep area
Cutting board off the counter, behind the sink
Created a fermenting station, since I do Water Kefir and am now doing veggies. 
I put the electric can opener in the cupboard. I use one because of some arthritis in my hands, but only once or twice a week, so why have it out?
I put the hot and cold teas in a new little rack I found at Costco, perfect timing! They are 2 for $16.00, all bamboo, with little removable brackets. Perfect size for the teas. I my get some more for another part of the house. Something similar somewhere else was twice the price.
Moved the decorative bin over, to make room for the bread box.
Done! So this is the "after version". It may not make Better Home Gardens but it works for me. Now if I could just get new, solid counters!!! Sigh, someday.

Fermenting station to the right, on the far left before I bought my bamboo organizer

Bamboo organizer now in far right corner

Hot teas on top, cold on the bottom, cute

the clips are removable and you can use individually

I had hoped to find something like this for under the upper cabinet, but they aren't sold thru Etsy anymore. I may make some to sell :)


History of RV's & A Truly Off Road RV-
There's a fascinating look at the history of RV's here Living In Rvs Vs.Tiny Houses! I would add to that info- a lot of RV materials are unhealthy. Off gassing formaldehyde, poor ventilation, a lot of plastics. This came up with people living full time in RVs after Katrina. People started getting sick. I've also seen RV's being built in films and it's all about speed, not quality. Very cheaply made, structurally speaking. It's really the opposite of well-crafted tiny houses. My biggest problem, with either, is that very few people seem to be into self sufficiency, growing their own foods and storing it. They are completely dependent on city/county utilities and buy almost all of their foods. There's no real storage. This is most of what I've read, and I'm sure there are exceptions. Not my thing, here's my thing- Mercedes Benz Zetros  a truly off-road RV. I would do this Mercedes Benz Zetros tricked out with solar, and water making capabilities as well, and a nicer paint job :) Sounds like the way to go! There are very little truly off-grid RVs I've seen for sale. Most are heavily modified by owners. Now if I just had the $$$ for a Zetros! This baby will take you anywhere!!! Some say though, the only way to be truly zombie proof is by sea. Hmmm, I know how to sail!

100 Day Pantry Cookbook-
I had spotted this book somewhere, and decided to order a used copy. It's here 100 Day Pantry Quick Gourmet Meals  While I love fresh foods like anyone else, there's all kind of reasons you might want to think about all the "what ifs?" There's no water needed for any of these recipes, a real bonus. Most of the ingredients are pretty commonly available, but it make you think about things? Dried celery, nope I don't have any. Should I? Some of this is also not very healthy, but probably okay in a pinch. Jars of cheese? OMG the sodium and fat, ew. Anyway, there's some pretty good recipes complied, and for $7.00 it's in my stash. It's always good to have a quick reference if things go bad, in a hurry... or you're just exhausted for another day at work/home!

A little something over my kitchen sink :)


Michelle said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. I have to work on my kitchen counters. I need the caddy you have for your coffee stuff. I am using a bowl right now.

Nancy po said...

Yes, I try different things too...

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