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Aug 10, 2014

More Mountain Vacation & Country Street Decor, My Mini Vintage Display

Hailey, Idaho Miner's Cabin

More Mountain Vacation-
Here's more photos of our trip to Sun Valley-

Sun Valley resort building, love the Nordic style and flowers

Gorgeous flowers

Cute Hailey coffee place vintage truck
and gas pumps

Old Hailey town hall, love the steeple!

These are all from the outside looking into the Miner's cabin, wish could could have taken an inside tour! It's right behind the town hall. Sorry for the blur, but you get the idea...

Nice dough bowl

Another Hailey truck


The day after we got back from Sun Valley we took our daughter up to McCall for a Payette lake cruise. She only gets 2 split days off work, and since Dave was on vacation we did a back-to-back trip. Shorter drive and the cruise was fun! We drove up (2 hours), had a quick lunch and got to the ferry. Nice and relaxing. It's always a good 10-15 degrees cooler up there, great in the summer! I'd love to retire somewhere outside McCall on an acre, love the cooler weather and snow in the winter.

Payette Lake

We stopped at Cascade Lake on the way back and Dave and Michelle played on the beach while I took photos and relaxed...

Cascade Lake fun

My Mini Vintage Display-
It took me a bit of time to figure out where to put my heavy, thrifted, iron mini-pot rack so.... I put it on the top of my vintage window frame! Dave hung it, as he's taller. I may add more. In the fall/winter/spring I will add some seasonal things, for now it's good....

I love the iron scroll work

My 1920's vintage kitchen tools


Kristina said...

That is a very beautiful lake photo. The trip looks like a lot of fun too.

Nancy po said...

Yes, it was nice!

Vickie @ said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the miner's cabin - I think I could live in there! Glad you had a good time on your outing! Thanks for the photos.

Nancy po said...

Yes I could live there too, really charming!!!

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