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Jun 13, 2014

"The Coldest War" Documentary on HBO- Russia Wants The Arctic

"The Coldest War" Documentary on HBO: Russia Wants The Arctic-
Last night I watched an excellent episode on HBO's Vice- The Coldest War and the battle over the Arctic resources. With the rapid melting in the Arctic some are lined up for a land, or ice, grab. When you start talking huge amounts of oil and gas, not to mention new trade routes, that's a lot of $$$$. Putin in sinking a LOT of money into re-opening old northern Russian military bases long the Arctic, and having them available. This is making Norway and the UN very nervous. There are already hundreds of American Marines in Norway training with the Norwegian troops. One young Marine they interviewed said a little too much :) An interview they showed with a top Norwegian military commander revealed they are NOT going to take any action from the Russians laying down, they'll call in the UN. This leaves a LOT of unanswered questions- what would happen to fuel prices, and what kind of war would this wind up being??? You might see if it's on Netflix soon if you have it. This could be the next big war. Vice The Coldest War- Preview

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