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Jun 15, 2014

Oops, Missed A Post! New Chick Housing, 4th Of July & Summer Decor, More Gardening Stuff

Old historic building

Oops, Missed A Post!
Sorry, I was up at Idaho City most of the day!

Old church on the top of a very steep hill

What's going on here???

New Chick Housing-
Before we went to Idaho City I asked Dave to help me set up the new chick housing, so we could get them outside 24/7. They're not big enough to integrate yet (IMO) so we divided the garden run and coop up. They have more space but are protected from the hens. We used all scrap materials- plastic fencing, lumber, and berry netting.-

We covered the fence boards so local cats couldn't reach thru and grab the chicks. Concrete blocks are for the shade structure/rain protection. They were out all day today and had a blast!!!

Garden netting all around and covered on top with berry netting, so they don't fly out, and for hawk protection. Probably wouldn't stop a hawk, but would slow them down!

They love it! 

There are peppers growing in there, but are surrounded by mini cages

Loving the shade

Let's look for bugs!

Sure beats the play pen!!!

4th Of July & Summer Decor-
It's about that time of year, so I put out some summer and 4th things around the house. I feel more summery now!

My beach table, with finds from the Oregon coast

I agree!

Anya is already relaxed

My back window in the living room, more collected shells in the old, vintage Mason jar

My fave chunky prim flag I made from

More Gardening Stuff-
Things are growing so fast! We had a wet May, which helped, then HOT weather. It's been much cooler the last 2 days, barely 70. Nice change from 90's last week. This poor guy was so hot then-

It's too hot, nap time!

Cooler in the tree
I had to re-plant lemon cukes and basil, so I put them in pots

Yellow squash doing well!

Pickling cukes also doing well!

New raspberries doing great!

Italian Kale taking off, no luck with the Swiss chard though :(

We cute down an old, sick shrub, and I re-planted!

I planted Culinary Sage, lavender, Gazania, Oriental poppies- I love them and hard to find here! I wanted to have some color right by our front door, instead of just green shrubs...

My new fave Gazania- Jane Lemon Spot-

Pear tree doing well, our 1st pears!!!

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Kristina said...

I love the relax sign on the chicken!

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