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Oct 27, 2012

Storm Prep- Your Power's Out, Now What? Chicken Sun Room, First Snow/Fresh Cabbage/Last Tomatoes & Herbs

Frankenstorm Coming-
I always feel bad for folks in harm's way during oncoming storms. The good news is that if you know it's coming you can be better prepared. I always keep lots of winter/storm supplies on hand, just in case. I've learned the hard way that when things GO it may be too late. Here's a good little video with some ideas:
My Power's Out- Now What?

Chicken Sun Room-
Now that the cold weather has set in we reassembled our chicken "sun room" from last year. It's made with almost all recycled parts, like glass shower doors from the local Habitat store, salvaged wood, etc. It gives the hens more room, about double the space of the coop, to spread out in really bad wet/ultra cold temps (think 10 degrees or less). We have a screen door for when it's more moderate or a glass door. We can still let them out in the garden too as needed. Dave put out a fresh layer of pine shavings (deep litter method) after we let the soil dry out for a week or so. Works great! Dave built a new perch too, as the old one hanging from the chain wasn't much liked by the girls...  They're working on some scratch mix I threw in, yummy!

First Snow/Fresh Cabbage/Last Tomatoes/Last Herbs-
After the cold weather set in and the first snow hit the foothills, I decided to harvest my fresh cabbage. Great smell and flavor! Three small heads, but hey, I planted them in the summer. About large apple to grapefruit sized. I used the last of my counter top-ripened tomatoes on top of a Big Pep pizza from Papa Murphy's. There were some wonderful varieties mixed together, especially the orange/red heirloom variety-

I added some oregano, garlic powder and Parmesan on top, WOW!!! Amazing...

I also harvested the last of my oregano and lemon thyme, now drying on the counter-

It's great to have several bags of dried organic herbs for the winter

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