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Oct 21, 2012

Flannel Sheets Cozy Time, Banana Bread & Winter Prep

Lucky me, a bee lighted on my calendula!

Flannel Sheets Time-
Ah, flannel sheets time! Time to cozy up the house, with all the nice touches for winter weather coming. Dave washed the heavy comforter (thanks honey!) at the local laundrymat. It's too big to do in our washer, so it's one of those once-a-year chores. Since he was working on a book I asked him to do it this year, so I could do other chores. What a guy:)

Here's some fall/winter colors, and Halloween touches around the house-

front porch, with light up pumpkin light up top

Sumac tree, I love the fall colors!

I bought this a few years back :)

     One of my favorite thrift finds- velveteen and quilted pillow covers, I use them on the couch

I finally found another reasonably priced carpet for the living room, $45 at Ross! No pad needed...

A little fall color for my dining table too, Ross $4.00

Living room table

I had an extra quilt so I "autumn-ized" the spare bedroom couch, free!

Banana Bread-
I got some free bananas last week and let them go brown for some banana bread. I used this recipe-
 Banana Bread and it came out great! I was a little short on the banana, so I subbed a little apple sauce. I also added 1 cup of chopped pecans. Very moist and not too sweet! One of my favorite breakfasts as a kid on a cold, rainy morning was a slice of banana bread and a cup of hot cocoa! I used my own eggs from today too, and funny- they all use the same nesting box, with the other two empty, go figure...

Winter Prep-
The garden is finally put to bed, coop deep cleaned, compost spread, it's rained twice and so it looks kind of sad, but hey, it's winter soon! We'll put up the chicken "sun room" in another week or so for their extra winter space in really nasty weather. They LOVED it last year.

The first snow is forecast for tomorrow night in the foothills, it's hitting the 30's at night now. The news says it'll hit the upper 20's next week. I keep a close eye on the girls this time of year- we'll turn on the waterer heat so the water won't freeze, then eventually turn on the condo Ceramic Infrared Disc . I found it's much cheaper to use than a red light, they'll last for years. They're also a gentle heat and very safe. I found ours at the local PetSmart in the reptile section.

Rosie digging for worms in the raised bed, they're only allowed in there now. Cabbages about ready to harvest

I see something!!!!


Kathleen at Rose Prairie said...

Nice decorations, very halloweeny. Snow already. We have been in the 80's the pass couple of days and lots of wind. I'm ready for cooler weather.

nancy said...

I'm enjoying the cooler weather, clear today and about 55, rain on the way, yay!

Candy C. said...

I love all your decorations and the banana bread looks fabulous! I will have to remember about subbing some applesauce when I'm a little short on bananas, great idea! :)

acd6pack said...

Hi - just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading the archives. We plan to make our big move to our homestead (40 acre farm, currently rented) next year. Looking forward to more of your ideas, tips and just how you do it!

Susan said...

I LOVE flannel sheets! It's just so hard to get out of them in the morning - for many reasons... your place looks so festive. I love the pillow! We keep dropping down to the 30s at night, then going back up to the 60s during the day. Not quite flannel sheet weather, but we're getting there.

nancy said...

Thanks! It POURED today and now there's snow in the foothills, brrr...

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