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May 30, 2019

Rain, Rain and More Rain! Paradise Lot Book Review

Rain, Rain and More Rain!
We have been getting so much rain in the last 3 weeks it's not even funny! Update *** The local news station announced this is the fourth wettest May ever, along with the 4th wettest April ever! *** Having said that, this in no way compares to the terrible flooding and tornadoes in the mid-West and East. So sorry for them! Everything is super saturated from the last couple of days-

Everything is so lush and green! We have had to put quite a bit on hold as far as planting veggies, etc. We have been able to work around some of it. The wheelbarrow in the backyard,  with the bark dust, had to wait because of the weather. My perennials are really loving all the rain, however, and everything is really blooming, very lush and green. It's been in the low 70s the last couple of days and it's supposed to hit the 80s this weekend. Hopefully after that it should be dry for at least a week. Hooray!

More tonight! There's thunder and lightning right now!

Paradise Lot Book Review-
I stumbled onto this book and got a copy from the library to read. What a find!!! These two men worked together to transform an empty tenth-of-an-acre lot on the east coast in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The lot was barren ground, had poor compacted soil, with broken concrete, etc. They turned it into an incredible, productive, beautiful Permaculture garden. I got so many edible gardening ideas from this book (that I'm not even done with) that I bought a copy. There are all kinds of perennials that have edible leaves that I had never even heard of! I'm really may go off and do some unusual things with our garden now that I have more interesting ideas. The photos will definitely tell the story, but I highly advise the book as well! Just a real gem. As a side note, they also did this with free, used, scavenged, foraged and bartered items. On a micro budget!

Before backyard, photos from Paradiselotblog

A few years later

Read it!



Mama Pea said...

Even though you've been held up by the rainy weather, your yard looks wonderful! (Hope those chickens of yours know how good they've got it.)

Oh my, that book and the pictures from before and after . . .

You know, people could do SO MUCH with the areas around their houses. Even small areas. One can grow food so intensively in a raised bed. I grow our whole year's supply of carrots in a 4' x 8' raised bed WITH a teepee trellis in the middle that I grow morning glories on! Of course, gardening does involve a bit of work. But those two fellas sure do show graphically what can be done. And beautifully!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Mama yes it is definitely green here! He did a really brilliant job on their lot and the book had so many unusual ideas of things that were edible that can be grown even in their really cold winter. I'm bought the book and I'll share some ideas once I have a chance to really go through that