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Mar 25, 2018

Spring Rains & Snow, Hardboiling Fresh Eggs- Egglettes Review, Swedish Washcloths, Thrifting Scores!

Spring Rains & Snow-
We've had an unusually cold, wet week. Almost an inch of rain in 3 days! Good timing since we just put out the rain barrel! Beats the huge snow back east for sure. Everything is greening up and the hens have enjoyed some time out-

then we woke up to snow this morning-

Luckily it started to melt in the afternoon-

Lots of hazy sunshine. Not bad but classic, unstable spring weather, stay tuned...

Hardboiling Fresh Eggs, Egglettes Review-
Over the years I've tried a few different ways of hard boiling my fresh eggs usually I've tried lots of different combinations and then one night I stumbled onto Egglets Egglettes are silicon pods with a twist off lid to use in boiling water. Basically boil eggs without the shell. I started thinking it seemed like a perfect solution to my fresh egg issue. Typically I just wound up buying store-bought eggs to hard-boil since my fresh ones would be one big mess when I tried to peel them. I did a test drive of them today, cracked my fresh eggs inside and I did three-

Pods with lid

Egg inside, ready to go

I started the water boiling and put the eggs in and left them in for the suggested amount of time. For hard boiled egg time the suggested amount was 13 to 16 minutes. That seems a little long to me but I decided to do it the way they suggested. They came out about 3/4 the way done after 13 minutes-

White not smooth, but a little undercooked 


One of the things you can do is use the mini-recipe book that comes with this set. You could do little omelets, adding things like cooked meats, ham or bacon, cheeses or vegetables. For people watching their cholesterol you can also use egg white substitutes. You can certainly soft boil eggs as well, you don't have to hard-boil them. I did find a spoon helped release the eggs easier and you do want to use tongs to remove from the boiling water. With enjoying poached eggs on the weekend it's certainly less cleanup. No pan to wash, just wash the pods. I'd give it two thumbs up!


Swedish Washcloths-
A few years ago when we remodeled our bathroom I added some Scandinavian touches. I was looking for a few different things online and stumbled onto Swedish washcloths. I wasn't quite sure what they were just, so I just ordered one for a bathroom and really loved it! Basically it's a combination of an old-fashioned cellulose type sponge and fabric. You can wipe up almost anything with them, they rinse out great, and they absorb a huge amount of liquid. While I like cotton washcloths for my kitchen they just don't absorb any liquids. Sponges are small so this seemed to fill the bill. I keep one behind the faucet in our master bathroom for quick spills and wipes-

 Recently I was on Amazon placing an order and decided to buy some new ones and found the ones listed below. I bought a set of four, and they really do double duty as sponges/washcloths! You can get them a lots of different colors and designs. Ikea sells very inexpensive ones but they are plain with no pattern. You can throw them into the washer and we'll just let them air-dry and they last for several years. They will stain however so if you're mopping up anything like blueberries, grape juice or anything like that be aware, it may not wash out. Got to leave it to the Scandinavians to come up with a perfect solution!


Planter $6.00, Grocery Outlet

Thrifting Scores!
I hit a thrift store on the way to an appointment after work and spotted these, perfect for the 2 grand babies, .99 cents each, like-new melamine-

Brand new ceramic serving board with removable wood board, $5.99-

Wood removed, love it! I also donated a box this weekend. More cleaning out!


Kate said...

What a fun post! Loved seeing your thrifting scores. And those washcloths are so cool!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Kate for commenting! My fave is the serving platter!

Audra said...

Great finds! I saw an article on the egglets. Was wondering how they worked. Thanks to your review may go ahead and purchase some.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes I think the Egglettes would have worked perfect if I have just given them a few more minutes

Susan said...

I have some of the Swedish washcloths and love them - but I tend to keep them intact because they are so pretty! You have such good thrifting luck - love to see your 'finds'!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Susan and I hope you're not more buried in snow and ice and you were! Hang in there