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Mar 18, 2018

Getting Started With Permaculture

Getting Started With Permaculture-
I was thinking today that I have never blogged about permaculture. So to get started here's a quick intro into what permaculture is. Basically permaculture is a form of  lifestyle/gardening, that can combine land and various resources into a mutually beneficial system. It can include agriculture, water harvesting, building, forestry, animal systems, aquaculture and more. The term was first coined by Bill Mollison an Australian gardener. He was really the first leader of the concept, helping it go worldwide. Some of the real simple ideas are things that we have included in our little Homestead, like keeping chickens and using the leftover deep litter in our gardens. Harvesting rainwater then using that in our garden. We planted fruit trees, under the fruit trees we grow vegetation that keeps the fruit trees base cooler and retains water. There are lots of people that farm fish in tanks and use the water to feed their vegetables with the rich manure liquid. Those are just a few examples and lots of people are doing permaculture but don't know that's what it's actually called. There's lots of free information out there. I have included his starter book that I found extremely useful, explaining of the concepts simply-

Click on photo for info

If you'd like more advanced info if you're familiar with the ideas, this next book is also excellent- 

Click on photo for info


Rain said...

Hi Nancy :) That's very interesting. I think that I kind of knew some of the key factors of permaculture, but no, didn't know how to label it. This is something I want to learn a lot more about for my future home. Looking forward to your posts about it! :)

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Rain! Most libraries have books too and local master gardeners may have classes