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Jun 16, 2017

Vacation Day Projects

Vacation Day Projects-
We had a crazy week in Boise, with almost 2" of rain in two days!!! It's been warming up gradually since then. Going into the 70's now, with 90's forecast for next week. I wound up being offered a "vacation" day today, due to lower work load. Since I had tons of little projects I jumped at the chance. Sometimes it seems like all those little things can add up being very time-consuming. So today was project day! I did sleep in, so I can't complain too much. And got lunch out at Sonic, love their Chicago dogs!

On the list of things to do today- 
Called my FSA (health savings account) card company for 30 minutes. I had to clarify why I keep getting emails over and over for the sme claim. Fixed :)

I finally found some small river-stone type rocks buried in my craft cart to finish off my lucky bamboo. I had moved it to a bigger pot-  

I washed our living room chair slip covers, pretty dirty around the edges. All clean and purty now-

Re-painted my $4.00 thrifted magazine rack for the Grand kid's books. It was a free re-do, I just used spray paint I already had. I thought about doing chalk paint on the ends (still may do) but I wanted a durable paint finish.

Before, a little scratched and faded

Little country scene

1st coat, 2nd coat will do tomorrow

Before picture, the other side was worse

I finally repainted my fave thrifted garden chicken sign. It took a real beating for 10 years outside, then we had really heavy snow this winter. It's been the cursed chicken trying to paint it! Every time I was ready to paint it rained! I won't match things exactly, but that's OK. It was another no-cost rehab, just used the paints I had on hand. I will give it a coat of polyurethane at the end for extra weather durability. I will use a foam stamp for the edging. I can't free hand that kind of thing! I used Dave's new nail gun to attach the one wing and strengthen the other. Maybe it will go for another 10 years! Rain was approaching this afternoon again, so fingers were crossed. A light breeze helped the drying time. I still need to finish painting tomorrow, just too humid today. I thought I'd gt all the painting done today, but Mother Nature didn't cooperate. Ah well!

Sign after sanding-

Cedar under there

I hung it on our bird feeder so I could paint all sides at once- 

First coat

I will do another coat tomorrow, since it's so humid, and sprinkling. I will re-do the welcome letter and add some edging. I found another fun chicken (spoon rest) yesterday-

$4.00 at Big Lots

I posted a few things on Craigslist for sale today. We've sold some biking gear in the last 2 weeks, and extra $60.00 for us! 

I'll be ironing summer work clothes tonight, boring but it takes time too.

I'll be taking down the Spring decor tomorrow and putting up some summery stuff! I can end the big projects with something easy and FUN! I'll post photos of the completed painted things this weekend.


Kristina said...

I love the spoon rest. Looks like you are getting quite a bit done too.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes, I couldn't resist :) Paint coats #2 were just done, dry today, hurray!

Rain said...

That magazine rack is really cute! We have one and it's a dark mahogany, kind of gets lost a little bit in the living room - and VERY dusty!! The colour you chose is great! I love your little projects! :) All I'm focusing on today is cleaning the house and hoping for sunshine. It's rainy and humid, but the veggies are loving it! :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks! For $4.00 it was a great deal. Green here too from all the rain :)

Audra @ Renewed Projects said...

Its so therapeutic to finish off projects that have been percolating in the mind, right? Enjoyed your vacation crafting post. :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...