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Apr 15, 2017

Snow??? Garden Fundraiser Jewelry, Repair Cafes, The Creepy Side of Technology

I always think of April as being one of the most unstable months weather-wise. We have gone from 70 this week to snowing yesterday! It was cold, snowing and blowing. I ran an errand with my parka on in the morning about 9:30. Before I headed home I stopped and got some Starbuck's to take home. Snow was blowing in the car! By 2:00 p.m. the sun was out, with gorgeous blue skies. Today was chilly but sunny, 65 forecast for tomorrow. Crazy! At least everything is green and gorgeous!

Yesterday about 11:00 a.m.

Garden Fundraiser Jewelry-
I was checking out Mary's Heirloom Seeds for some pepper seeds and saw this Garden Fundraiser I was curious and read a bit more. I TOTALLY support having school gardens. They're a great way for kids to learn about gardening, where food comes from and more. Info here Why Are We Fundraising?  I ordered the Ladybug necklace above ($12.00) and it is so cute! Great piece, good cause, check it out!

Repair Cafes-
I had heard of these before, but didn't remember what they were called. I saw this on the national news a few nights ago, what a great piece!!!

There's lots of great ideas out there and here's a few websites- and

The Creepy Side of Technology-
This can be filed under the "creepy side of Technology". Hubby and I were having dinner out last night in a small little diner and there was a really pretty young woman standing over by the window waiting for her to-go order. She was really busy texting while she was waiting and I noticed a nice looking man across the restaurant from her also texting. They were only about 15 feet apart since the place is very narrow. I noticed at one point he appeared to have taken a surreptitious cellphone photo of her. He barely tilted his text phone to snap a photo and he did this two more times, with him texting right afterwards. At that point it was apparent to me he was taking her photo without her knowledge. I decided to quietly go over to her and let her know what was happening and her response was "that's very creepy", I agreed. I suggested that she move over to a different part of the restaurant. I didn't make eye contact with him and she totally ignored him. She left very quickly when she got her order. It was a really good reminder that you need to pay attention to your surroundings when you are out and about. The funny thing about it was the man who was taking the photos was pretty oblivious to the fact that someone else might be watching HIM, ha! While it's not against the law to take photos of someone out in public it certainly makes you wonder what he was going to DO with the photos? Post them online with some gross, disgusting comments, or?


Susan said...

That repair cafe is a wonderful idea! I would love the idea of repairing something, rather than throwing it out, to catch on. Good for you to have let that young lady know about the stealth photography. For all the good technology has to offer, there is definitely a dark side. I'm hold my breath through April - no more snow!

Kristina said...

It is creepy to know someone could be photographing us. I like to keep an eye on what's going on around me too. Cute necklace. I'll have to check that out.

Mama Pea said...

Our temps haven't been quite as warm as yours, but still nice for our area. Now, sigh, our forecast is for rain/sleet/snow on and off for the first part of this coming week. As you say, it's spring so we can expect anything. :o/

A good post full of all kinds of info. Thank you for going over to that woman waiting for her order and letting her know what was going on. Sometimes I think technology has disconnected some of us from basic morals and values. From cyber bullying to sneaking photos of others, some people don't feel the least bit accountable. Arrrgh!

Rain said...

That's a big reason why I hate these smart phones. The cameras do come in handy, but would that creepy grosse guy have gotten away with that if he pointed a Canon at her? No likely! People can be so nasty, there was an item in the news not long ago where a Playboy model took a photo of an elderly woman at the gym in the shower and wrote "if I can't undo seeing this, then neither can you, ha ha ha." She took it down quickly after a backlash of people calling her despicable. The lady found out and pressed charges for all sorts of things. It's still pending but I do hope they throw the book at that dumb girl. I bet that loser guy is telling his friends he's dating her ha ha!

I love the lady bug necklace!!! How cute!

And I feel for you Nancy, it snows off and on all April in my neck of the woods, enough already!!! :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks All, I love to repair things! It's warming up a little. Yes teh is relly a double sided too. Their necklaces are cute! That Plaboy model should really get sued for sure, that's just inexcusable :(

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