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Apr 9, 2017

DIY Shelf with Hooks Progress, Homemade Beignets, Slow Decorating, Simple Tin Planter

DIY Shelf with Hooks Progress-
Dave spent some time last weekend building our new DIY shelf with hooks! He loved his new battery-powered nail gun, perfect for these kinds of projects. The unit has been sanded and puttied. Dave added the holes before painting. He also hid the screws for the wall under the hook brackets. Clever idea! If there's a small mistake you can fill the holes if you do it before painting. I've never liked painting then drilling anyway. I like to paint, then be done.  He used a 1" x 6" and a 1" x 8" poplar board, and crown molding. Unlike the design that inspired me we didn't add the 1/2 round on the top shelf on the front edge-

My inspiration

We did the width to match our mirror hanging above it (last weeks post). I chose three matte nickle heavy duty coat/hat hooks. I found Liberty brand at Home Depot, the "value pack" was $8.99 for three. I bought a fresh can of Rustomleum white satin spray paint. I'm shooting for painting outside next weekend, too cold today (low 50's). Dave thinks the whole project was about $25.00 using all new wood. It will be a good use of our space.

Outside work area last weekend, with thrifted table saw

Close up of hooks

Side view

My next request is for Dave was to build these floating shelves into our main back hall corner, another good use of space- 

DIY directions from

And spring has certainly sprung!


The fruit trees are loaded with blossoms, hoping for some great canning and eating this year!

Homemade Beignets-
I finally got around to making some Cafe Du Monde mix Beignets last weekend. The dough is super sticky-

It was hard to get the squares into the hot oil in a square. They were very light and fluffy, great texture!!! Next time I will put them on wax paper before transferring to the hot oil. I also read you can just do them as balls. Tasty either way!

Mix from Cost Plus

Slow Decorating-
I stumbled on a few posts about slow decorating the other day-  and  I got the basic premise, buy/make things slowly that you love. Take your time, be thoughtful. I've always been a big proponent of negative space as well. Give your eyes something empty to rest on. I appreciate this more as I'm older. When I see a post of a room filled with every square inch of too much stuff it gives me claustrophobia!  Anyway interesting trend and a good one I think. My shelf above is a good example, things collected slowly over time.

Simple Tin Planter-
I've always loved Katie Brown's shows! She's been on PBS and network channels as well over the years. I stumbled on her episode last night with this project-  Perfect timing, right before planting season. Personally I would skip the tacks and use construction adhesive, liquid nails, etc., but that's me. They will rust over time and look very rustic, great idea!


Rain said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I don't have anything blooming outside yet, I can't wait to start seeing green and colour again! Those floating shelves are really nice.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks! I love those tulips :)

Kristina said...

The shelf turned out very nice. We have buds on our lilac too. We only have daffodils up, but I hope to see a few tulips soon. Beautiful flowers!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks, it's spring for sure!

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