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Mar 20, 2016

Vegetarian Greek Salad, 63 Today!!!

Photo From Growing a Greener World

Vegetarian Greek Salad-
Recently I was watching on of my fave PBS shows Growing A Greener World and they featured the recipe on the link. I make chicken Greek salads for dinner once in a while, but this is vegetarian and requires no cooking on a hectic work night. I left out the avocado and store bought tomatoes, and used a red bell pepper instead. I served Kalamata olive bread from Trader Joe's and it rocked! Try it and you may love it too, and hey, it's healthy!!!

63 Today!!!
We had a beautiful, warm Spring day today, just glorious! Dave did a lot of yard clean up, while I did my inside cleaning stuff. I did get out and do a few things, but with all the window open I felt like I was outside all day.  A storm is coming in now but more rain is a good thing. We did the outside of our windows yesterday with my Fave Windex kit, not I can actually see out! Kitty Poesy from our neighbors took naps outside all day long. Is it spring when you are???


Susan said...

Oh, that salad looks wonderful! What a cute kitty!! It was not 63 at my place this weekend. We had hail, snow, some sun and bitterly cold wind. If it wasn't written on the calendar, I would have never guessed spring had sprung.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes, I know how lucky we are!

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