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Jan 4, 2015

500th Post Giveaway, Top 10 Posts of 2014, 100 Life Hacks To Make Life Easier

500th Post Giveaway-
Well, it's taken a while buy I got here! There's always up and downs with blogging, as you all know. Whether you write one or read one. One I loved stopped suddenly when the writer passed away. Another I loved just stopped, I emailed her, but no response. Sad. I assume there were some kind of personal problems, and I hope she's OK. Anyway.... to celebrate my little blog I have a few fun things to giveaway! It's a tea basket! But not any tea basket- some wonderful Earl Grey tea and English Oat tea cookies! And for summer, the screen netted basket!

Nice, classic Earl Grey tea

From England! Crunchy, you can taste the oats, pretty healthy & not too sweet

Fun basket with retractable netting to keep the summer bugs away!

Just leave a comment about why you like my blog and you're in! I'll have Anya randomly choose a winner by Wed. this week. I'll post it here, so you'll need to check back and email me your address. I'll re-draw if I don't hear back from the winner by Sat.... Good luck!

Top 10 Posts of 2014-
After seeing others posting theirs, I was curious what mine were. So here, for the first time on my blog ever, they are.... drum roll please-

1- Thrifting, More Projects Done, Lagenlook Clothing? Who Knew!

2- How We Accidentally Saved Lots of Money & Supported Our Local Community Services, DIY-Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

3- How to Make Water Kefir, Choc Chip Oat Pecan Cookies, Freezing Rain, Ice/Snow's Coming...

4- Free "101 Things To Do ’til The Revolution" eBook/PDF, Goodnight Moon Parody

5- Bathroom Remodel Reveal- Finally! Fun DIY Home Makeovers For Less Than $50

6- Free Chicken Pergola, Recipes- Graham Crackers & Marshmallows, Rhubarb Sauce, Independence Days Challenge, Garden, Staycation Ideas

7- Hey You Idahoans! Handsome Young Man Needs New Home

8- Food Pantry Re-Do & Some Prepping Info, Food Fatigue

9- Simple Amish Kitchens

10- Harness Driving Goats And Dogs

I thought it was interesting, the range from fashion to fermenting! Thanks to Dave for figuring out how the heck to get this data from Blogger. There's gotta be an easier way~~~

100 Life Hacks To Make Life Easier-
Wow, some really great ideas here!!! 100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier  My personal fave-


a8383 said...

I love your blog because you seem a lot like me- living a creative, fairly self-sufficient life on a budget. : ) Angela

Nancy po said...

Thanks Angela!

Michelle said...

I really enjoy reading your post. They are informative and fun. Reading this one made me realize I have been following you since I started blogging. That was almost three years ago. Where does the time go?

lola bruesch said...

i used to live in idaho so love reading about it

Nancy po said...


sarahannecloud9 said...

I love you blog because.............Man it'll be a whole lot of typing unless I sum it up. Well, you seem to live such a similar life to ours. The site offers info on anywhere from the garden, chickens, and even canning and the kitchen. sarahannecloud9 @ yahoo . com

Thanks, Sarah.

Nancy po said...


Lisa said...

I like to read about your thrift store finds. I admit I get jealous I usually find junk in my local thrift stores. In general I love the variety of your blog.

Nancy po said...

Thanks Lisa. I find junk too sadly :(

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blogs because I love thrifting and you have some great thrift finds.


Nancy po said...

Thanks Debra

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