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Dec 26, 2014

Carhartts & Family For Christmas, Eye Recovery, Thrifting

Carhartt's & Family For Christmas-
It was a fun and busy day yesterday! Our adult children who were in town came for dinner. I sent the afternoon baking my sweet and spicy Lebkuchen cookies and my flour-less holiday chocolate tart. The cookies are made of ground almonds, raisins, orange zest, molasses and more. Very yummy and I used my Ikea cookie cutters-

For dinner I made roasted chicken breast, lemon linguine (Nigella Lawson's), sauteed fresh spinach and rustic Italian bread. So divine! My first day without a nap since surgery. We exchanged gifts after dinner and played board games. No holiday TV, just fun! Sadly I realized since we got rid of the VHS tapes a while back most of my holiday movies are gone. Luckily I received a Amazon gift card. I see The Christmas Story DVD in my near future :)  We LOVE that movie. While it was slightly before my time I still resonate with it.

Hubby got a job with a huge company that gets 50% off on Carhartt items! Wow!!! I looked up the women's items and the large tote bag grabbed me. My work bag is soft and pretty worn (from 10 years) and so Santa brought me a new bag. I love it!!! Nice and big and stiff, for paper and stuff going to and from work. Basic black too. Thanks Dave, I mean Santa!

Random bathroom shot

Eye Recovery-
I'm doing very well so far, after my cataract removal. Especially since I demanded more narcotics :) Last time, with my other eye, I was a bit TOO lightly sedated and started breathing a bit too hard mid-surgery. I think they're (from what I saw) used to dealing with 80 Lb. 90 years old. I'm a robust 50+ year old, and a bit bigger = more meds. This time they gave me enough so I was VERY relaxed and don't remember much. Works for me. I'm glad I did it now, since I can rest my eyes as needed, do the drop 3xs a day, etc. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!!!

2"-3" expected tomorrow night!

Dave and I ran some errands today. We hit a thrift store and we found a hose that kinks small up for winter use (if needed), the cute wooden stocking above (new & sparkly) $1.00, and this-

As I sit here drinking my Scottish tea, I think it was a good addition! I mean- who doesn't want a Santa-ish kilted guy on the holiday shelf?   It looks nicer in real life :) I'm part Scotch/Irish so it works...


Sarah said...

Love your new tote! Glad to hear that you're healing nicely!

Kristina said...

Glad to hear you are recovering well. Nice bag too!

Nancy po said...

Thanks, and yes, it's a great bag!