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Jun 28, 2014

New Mexican Pasole Stew, Too Much Technology, The Boring Stuff Works!

New Mexico Pasole Stew-
I found this wonderful recipe in a New Mexico food book I found on Amazon Artisan Farming-Lessons, Lore & Recipes  This book has so many inspiring and interesting stories. The food history of all these places is just fascinating. I've had fantasies about living in some of the rural areas of New Mexico, north of Santa Fe :) Anyway, I modified this recipe a bit and it was spicy and wonderful! The meat just melted in our mouths. Since cubed pork was $4.00 a lb., I bought ribs instead and cubed the meat myself, for $2.00 a lb. I added- 1 tsp. thyme, and 3 large Poblano chilies for color and flavor. I added 2 cans of yellow hominy instead of 1. I served it with sour cream, cilantro, and artisan tortillas, made with blue corn and ww flour (from the grocery outlet). The whole batch (4-5 lg. servings) was $9.00, maybe.... I scanned the recipe since I wasn't up to typing it all out-

Portlandia - Technology Loop and "Mind-Fi"
Too Much Technology-
Reminds me of people I know!

The Boring Stuff Works!
Last year our AC died and we knew the 25+ year furnace wasn't far behind. We took the plunge and bought a new furnace and AC unit. OUCH. BUT, now the good news- we just got our yearly adjustment, based on use. We pay a flat fee year round (our option) based on a yearly average. That way there's no high winter or summer bill. Works for us really well. Anyway, our new monthly bill went down 35%! I think it will go down even more since we've had a mild spring and early summer. We also had a tuneup done, and found it needed it. Long story. Anyway it's working even better now. The boring stuff, like new systems, insulating, caulking, etc., it all works....


Susan said...

That pasole looks wonderful! I will have to make it - I see we do the same thing; take a recipe and 'fine tune' it... It is so nice when a big investment starts to pay for itself so fast.

Kristina said...

That dish looks pretty good.

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