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Jun 29, 2014

DIY Front Door Makeover Painting Day, Anya's Too Tired

Dave says peace!

DIY Front Door Makeover Painting Day-
Since it was only 70-ish today, with high 90's on the way, I decided to paint the front door today. I had everything ready, put on my paint clothes and went to town. Three coats later (light over dark), it looked great! It's a very orangey red, great for a dark, covered porch. I got that idea here- DIY Home Makeovers for Less Than $50 It looked real orange coming out of the can, but dried the way we thought it would. We test drove a paint sample, in the daytime, on the door. It really brightens up the entryway. I cleaned the brass door fittings, and we will put them on tonite after it cures a bit. We used Valspar Vivid Orange- 


Anya's Too Tired-
She decided not to help paint and parked herself in my desk chair most of the afternoon-

Only 1 more day for the blogathon!!!


hoosier girl said...

I love red doors! In fact, my own doors are red. They make me smile to come home :)

Nancy po said...

Me too!

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