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May 24, 2014

Planting The Veggie Garden Day! The Romper Room

Planting The Veggie Garden Day!
We're went out and bought our veggie starts, and 2 more cane berries. Our one Marionberry finally died, but I found some locally! They can be hard to find. We're moving a raspberry that's not getting enough sun, then will add the 2 Marionberries to the area. I've been looking much more critically at what grows well here for us. I'm sticking with small to medium size tomatoes. I gave up on the little, tiny cherry ones and the really big ones. I bought- paste, Mr. Stripey, Lemonboy, cherry, and some heritage ones. I also found some heritage N.M. peppers, banana yellow peppers, lemon cukes (my fave!), yellow squash, Japanese eggplants, jalapenos, garden salsa peppers for salsas. I will see if I have room for some bush beans. Since we enlarged the garden there's a lot more room. I wish I had a greenhouse, but maybe in the future. We could actually put one in the new bed, but it's pretty narrow...

Oh it's all so green!

My fave- sweeter, plumper and juicier than blackberries

Starbuck's cups worked well, no cutleaf damage on chard and kale! Collard greens seeds have sprouted...

A little something for my new wooden flower pot

The Romper Room-
It was busy, busy today in the romper room. The girls were running, trying to fly, having a blast. They've really grown in the last 2 weeks!

Who's that?

Little Pru (barred rock) thought she'd hog the mirror

All snuggled up

Pru finally joined the group, then nap time, they all fell fast asleep...

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