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May 29, 2014

Growing Chicks, How Did The Cat Do That?

Growing Chicks-
It's amazing how fast chicks grow! Feathering out, getting taller, running faster. With the warm days, I take them outside after work for a bit. Years ago we bought a beat up outdoor playpen for a couple of bucks. We turn it upside down, and I put bird netting over it. Mostly so they won't fly out. I always watch them. They love it! They run around and try to fly :) Then they get tired and take a nap. It's pretty funny watching them trying to take a dust bath, on turf! Later I bring them in for the night, and happy chicks. I'm off for the summer after Wed. I like getting chicks this late, since we don't have them in the house as long. It has been an incredibly tough school year, and I won't bore you with the details. I'm just glad it's about to be O-V-E-R. Summer's coming!

Clint Black Summer's Comin'

 How Did The Cat Do That?
With as long and flubalicious as Anya is, I have no idea how she managed this! She's taken to climbing in the basket in the evening for a few minutes. She has a cat blankie, and several chairs to choose from. Go figure...

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