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Apr 12, 2014

Sneak Peek- Bathroom! Low Cost Chair Re-Dos

New shower walls installed

Sneak Peek- Bathroom Mostly Installed, Oh My..
Well, we're getting there. The shower walls were harder than we thought to install. The wall is bowed and a bit uneven. Common in an older house. But leak free, pretty and durable. Works for me. We opted for these as the glass window above was an odd size. I wish we'd been able to do fiberglass, but I actually like a real tub. I'll be caulking tomorrow (wedding, so bad timing). The toilet and sink/cabinet are temporarily installed for the pre-wedding dress up. I love the new Ikea cabinet/sink and medicine cabinet. Dave found the hardware on the cabinet to be really heavy duty, and a really nice finish. I found the cabinet finish to be much better quality than the stuff you usually get at the home improvement stores, sold as "thermo foil" over MDF. This is more like a really heavy paint. Nice! The china sink/counter is heavy and gorgeous, with a built in back splash on all 3 sides. When the flooring guy comes next week, we'll just remove the toilet and cabinet for that, then re-install. Here's a sneak peak (minus the flooring)-

New knobs soon, tons of storage!

Sconces installed too

Floor's ready for vinyl next week 

Low Cost Chair Re-Dos-
I have 2 pretty worn out overstuffed living room chairs. New ones aren't in the budget right now. I was going to try and make slip covers, but don't think I could do it without tearing all my hair out. The there's the cost of fabric. So... I bought the above listed chair covers. I'm going to add cut thick foam pieces under the cushions, and batting to the backs. Luckily they zip open at the base. Then add the new covers, and all done! The covers were $35.00 each and I like the folk art/homesteady fabric. The color is called linen. It should go well with the rest of the living room. And they're washable! Should last for a few years til we can buy new ones...

Sad girl ready for a makeover!


Nancy Jo said...

Hi ,
Nice to see a new person stop by my blog, that would be you.
Bathrooms are a big job, I bet you will be glad when its done. Looks like you are moving right along. As far as that big chair? Boy I wouldn't know where to begin. You must be pretty handy to take that on. About the best I could do is a throw pillow. HA.
Nancy jO

trav4adventures said...

Oh, I love this! This would be perfect for our bathroom! We need to take out the tiles around the plumbing as it doesn't work any more. We've got it capped off and need to just DO IT. I LOVE the white vanity, too...very clean looking. Much better than my old wooden vanity cabinets!
Cheryl Ann

Little Homestead In Boise said...


Nancy Wolff said...

Fun seeing the progress in your bathroom, we're in the midst of a bathroom re-do too! Thanks for sharing your post on the HomeAcre Hop, hope to see you again tomorrow! - Nancy
The Home Acre Hop