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Apr 10, 2014

eBay Find- Enameled Swedish Coffee Pot, Bathroom Is Painted! The New Renter

eBay Find- Vintage Enameled Swedish Coffee Pot-
While I was looking for a little something Scandinavian for the bathroom on eBay I found this little lady. She's petite, only about 5" high, but I fell in love! I'm not sure if it's a "tourist" gift from Sweden, but I hey, I love it. It's enameled and says Coffee is the best of all drinks on earth translated to English from Swedish. I paid $15.00. What's amazing is that it comes with everything-

It looks like it's been used very little

The basket is perfect, and I've never seen one before with the basket

She will live in my kitchen, and may become my tea pot!!!

Bathroom Is Painted! 
Other than a little touch up area we're fixing right now, the bathroom is painted! I used Glidden's latex semi-gloss enamel in Behr's color "Irish Mist". I taped up paint sample for a few days to see it in different light. It's basically very white with a little gray thrown in. Since all the fixtures are white I wanted a little contrast, but not too dark. If you look on the right edge of the shower wall, there's red, then white, then the Irish Mist. It's very clean and calming. While I'm not a gray paint fan (trendy right now) I HATE beige, so I used this. I just wanted something off white. I think with some splashes of emerald green accessories it will pop!

The New Renter- 
I noticed today 2 new renters outside my kitchen window. I grabbed my telephoto and shot at an angle thru the window. Nest building and very busy! I need to paint my bird houses this summer, or build some new ones when they're empty. Cute little guys-

What's down there?

I gotta scratch!!!


Endah Murniyati said...

Love the coffee pot! Old fashion but so lovely!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks, yes they do some really pretty painting...

Harry Flashman said...

I like the residents of your bird house. You must have a very good camera because your pictures look like they would sell to a magazine.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Harry! I was lucky to have good lighting, time to pop my telephoto on, and the Olympus does pretty well. It's a DSLR so it can take some nice pics.

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