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Apr 20, 2014

Low Cost Chair Re-Do, Recycled Coop Upgrade, Easy Global Veggie Wraps, My 400th Post Giveaway Coming Soon!!!

Low Cost Chair Re-Do-
I finished both chairs today, with my new slipcovers, Sure Fit Grain Sack Stripe Slip Cover  For a total of about $90.00 I did both chairs. I had thought about making my own but was afraid I'd make a mess of it. I started with these items- 2 slipcovers (sale), 2 bags of batting and 2 pre-cut cushions (all 1/2 price) from JoAnn's Fabrics. I only wound up needing 1 bag of batting!

Chair has batting in the top cushion, which unzipped easily. All filled out again, no more sagging on top.

Green cushion under chair cushion. I rotated the cushion backwards since it won't show. Stiffer that way.

I spent quite a while ironing both, as they arrived very wrinkled in the package. Draped and tied, pretty easy! Anya approved :)

I adjusted the back after this, and made it a bit longer. I like the color, and they're washable! This will work until we can get some new chairs farther down the line.

Recycled Coop Upgrade-
We cleaned the coop yesterday, and since we have some shower sheet rock leftover, and insulation, Dave and I decided to insulate the coop roof. I thought it would keep it cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. It's not pretty, but it works. I helped hold the batting in place while Dave stapled it, then he screwed in the screws for the sheet rock. It's water proof so it'll work.

The "before", no insulation.

Before shot, dirty litter

Coop emptied of the deep litter, we took a bit more out after this shot
                                     Fresh pine shavings, and D.E.! 

Litter added to the garden area

Talk about a skinny egg!!!

Mine look something like this.. photos next time I make them 

Easy Global Veggie Wraps-
I copied this from years ago when Macheesmo Mouse was in business in Portland, Oregon. They're back in business there now! They had the first Mexican, healthy fast food place there, back in the 80's! When feeding 5 I would often make these easy "global wraps" for our family. Just cook brown rice, and while that's cooking grate a bunch of veggies- carrot, purple and green cabbage, red onion, set aside, toss with a little red wine vinegar, dried herbs like oregano, thyme. Then I'd add kalamata olives, then put that in BIG heated tortillas, top with crumbled feta and top with the hot rice, and roll them up. Quick, easy and healthy. My kids all loved them! Sorry no photos! I'll take some next time I make them...

My 400th Post Giveaway Coming!!!
I can't believe I'm almost to 400 posts! Where did the time go??? Well, I'll give away something to celebrate. Keep checking back...

                                           HAPPY EASTER!!!


Michelle said...

Congrats on 400! You did a great job on the chairs. You did remind me that I have to clean my coop. :)

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks! They really brighten up the livingroom...

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