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Mar 15, 2014

Fabulous Fermented Foods, My Eye Surgery, Spring Gardening With Chickens! DIY Duh Moment

Fun little linen towel I found

Fabulous Fermented Foods-
After I started making water kefir I found it really helped my acid reflux. It also got rid of my cat Anya's nasal wheezing. Who knew? I started reading up on more types fermented foods to try, then I found this- 20 Ways To Include Fermented Foods @ Every Meal  What great ideas!!! I LOVE their website, and you can do all kinds of things. If you sign up for their free newsletters they'll send you a free eBook, and very easy-to-read articles. I'll be trying this soon Lacto Fermented Mayo  Like me, if you need whey, here's a easy looking way to glean some- Buying/Making Whey For Fermentation   Bon appetit!

                                                   my water kefir

My Eye Surgery-
Thanks for all the supportive and kind words from all! My eye surgery went pretty well Tuesday. I can see much clearer, brighter and I'm somewhat corrected with the implant. I opted for middle range vision- some distance and some reading. I took my right lens out and can see pretty well! I stayed home 2 1/2 days. Glad I did. I have to do lots of eye drops, and sleep with a small protector over my eye for 1 week. I'm having a bit of fluttering on the outside of the eye. The implant hasn't seated completely. Doc says 3 days-3 weeks is very normal. Hopefully it will be sooner, it's just so distracting! When I look ahead I'm fine, but moving my eye, it's like a spasm. I'll wait about another 2 + weeks and get a new lens for my glasses. I don't want contacts, so this is a good alternative. Somewhere down the line I'll get the other one done, as it's not too bad right now. Then I'll be all set. Now I feel like I'm getting Dave's cold :( 

Spring Gardening With Chickens!
It's 60 and clear and sunny! Spring! Dave deep cleaned the front yard last weekend, trimmed the ornamental grasses, some of the perennials, etc. Today I had him toss some of it into the garden. The girls went to work right away. That's feathered composting!


Little Blackie

There's food down there!

I see something!

Italian parsley re-seeded itself early, what a surprise!

Rhubarb's growing daily!

DIY Duh Moment-
When we installed new windows and a sliding glass door several years ago, we ran into a problem with the flooring in the kitchen. It kept curling. The flooring went up against the bottom of the slider. We tried multiple times to secure it. We had a contractor come in today to give us a bid for our bathroom re-do, gutters, and a few other small jobs. We asked about the floor and he said, "oh you just need a threshold strip". DUH. Dave went out and bought one, installed it. All fixed!  :)   

Happy St. Pat's Day!


Harry Flashman said...

I'm glad your eye surgery went well. I was just telling my wife today that we all need to get new glasses. We get one pair a year that our insurance pays for, but we messed around last year and didn't get any, so we lose.

I like your chicken Emile. I have not seen a chicken like that around here. Ours are brown, black, white, or some mix there of.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Ellie is a barred rock hen. I wish new glasses would fix cataracts! Ah well....

Kristina said...

Thanks for the link on fermented foods. I just ordered some books from the library on that too.

Susan said...

It's nice to see things growing. It gives me hope. Thanks for the fermentation link - I think it's so beneficial. And I am glad your eye surgery went well - and hope the healing process is fast and complete. AND I hope you don't get Dave's cold!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks, on the homeopathic stuff, really helps!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your surgery went well and are healing up. Those chickens look like they could be a couple of ours. I love to watch chickens doing their scratching. Thanks for sharing with us at The HomeAcre Hop!

Please join us again Thursday at:


Little Homestead In Boise said...

Thanks Ann!

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