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Mar 20, 2014

Color Me Happy! Winter Feed- Alfalfa Cubes For Chickens

A little spring color in the kitchen

Color Me Happy!
I made my first pilgrimage to the new Trader Joe's that came to Boise yesterday. Oh joy!!! I had been to their old stores in Portland years ago. After we left there they expanded a lot more. They sell lots of pretty natural, healthy foods, with their own label. Much of it is very affordable, compared to say Whole (paycheck) Foods. I love their shampoos, chips, mini cookies, condiments, etc.

Nurse Anya on the job

Under the heading of vision happy- my eye is healing up really nicely! Anya kept watch by laying on my side while I was crashed out on the couch the day of surgery. Just like last summers foot surgery! What a sweetie. I had a follow-up Tues., Doc said it looked really good. Another 2 weeks and I will get a new lens for my glasses. Everything is so BRIGHT, wow!!!

Under my bathroom remodel happy- we had to change our plans. Out with the fiberglass shower. Turns out it would have required demoing 2 walls. No thanks. We opted for another approach- standard steel tub, and white, tile look walls. This will be a much simpler installation and will look like a tiled wall when done. Works for me!

Under gardening happy- everything is getting so GREEN! I let the girls out again this evening, what a blast!

Under chicken happy- I went to the local feed store to check their chick delivery dates. I'm hoping for some chicks late April. Since they have to be inside I found it's better to do it later in the spring. That way I can get them outside a bit more, and not be so cooped up inside.

Ensen faucet, IKEA
Under travel happy- we're off to Oregon to see Dave's brother and then IKEA! I read a lot of reviews of their cabinets, sinks and faucets. All came with very good reviews. They don't sell brushed nickel finish which I like with hard water, but they have the one above. It's called a matte chrome finish so that may be the one.

We've pretty much decided to get this cabinet at IKEA, unless it's awful or out of stock. We like the integrated back splash. Tons of storage! IKEA has their plumbing go straight back, then drop. It's backwards of American plumbing. It creates a lot more usable space in the cabinets.

Winter Feed- Alfalfa Cubes For Chickens-
After reading this Independence Farms- Hay Cubes in Winter and this What Do Chickens Eat? Fermented Feed  I started thinking about using this idea to supplement the chickens winter feed. I bought a 40 lb. bag of hay cubes, about 2"x 2" wide. While I didn't ferment mine, I soaked them in really hot water, for about 30 minutes. The first 2 times the girls just looked at it. After that, all gone! I guess they liked it. Another good reason to read lots of blogs. I may try fermenting their feed after summer hits, and I can really watch what they're eating...


Michelle said...

Glad to hear your on the mend. We have Trader Joe's here . I love that store. I have never been to a IKEA store but have heard a lot about them. We go by two of them every year when we go back home to Black Foot Idaho. I am going to have to remember to stop at one, before we pass it on the highway.

endah murniyati said...

Alfalfa cubes for chicken, something new and so interesting

Little Homestead In Boise said...


Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop!

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