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Jun 26, 2013

Hot/Sweet/Tart Red Onion Relish, 10 Chicken Supplies At Dollar Store, Dave's Cobbler, Fruit's Coming!

Rainy Day

Sorry some of my pics are blurry, I'm still on 1 foot, not the best for photos! Stitches are out and 1 more week til I can start trying to put some weight down, Woo Hoo!!!!

Hot/Sweet/Tart Red Onion Relish-
After hearing about this on a radio food show I tried it out. It a keeper! Spicy, crunchy, sweet/sour. Recipe here   WARNING- wear gloves doing peppers (I would leave some seeds in next time) and refrigerate the onions beforehand. I forgot to, bad fumes, teary eyes!!! I hand sliced these as my cheap food processor sliced, then chopped them. I let it sit 2 days, had some last night, very tasty! I added a little seasoned rice wine vinegar too, to beef up the liquid.

10 Chicken Supplies From The Dollar Store-
Great info here- Muranochickenfarm  There's also some other good chicken info on that site.

Dave's Cobbler-
Dave got some free rhubarb next door while I was laid up. He did a great strawberry rhubarb cobbler with a crumble topping. Thanks hon!

Fruit's Coming!
Man, I'm stoked! We have fruit galore this year, and since last year's sucked, I'm ready! Too hot, too early last year I think. We have planted all the fruits on the lot since we bought the house. I'm happy the baby pear tree is healthy, but no fruit yet. Maybe next year. I couldn't get a picture of the French nectarine tree, but Dave said it's loaded too. I'm hoping everything doesn't ripen at once. Usually the berries come on when I'm home. It's tough to can around work and the fruit, but I will if I have to. Freezing space will be made too. We have-

Tone of apples, McIntosh I think




Choke Cherries, and these made the BEST jelly last year, wonderful!

summer flowers

My view from the "recovery" couch

 Anya's little portrait

Anya glaring- 
turn off the freaking camera already- I'm trying to sleep! 


Michelle said...

Your photos look great. My husband loves choke cherries. I need to find a tree to plant. That's if they will grow in California.

Kristina said...

Nancy, would choke cherries grow well in Ohio? I would not know where to find them to plant either. Would Territorial have them? Just planning out next year.

nancy said...

Kristina, you could check into your growing zone. They grow here, where it's hot summers, cold winters. Probably, but that's a guess.

Susan said...

Just think - you'll be on both feet just in time for harvesting! It's so exciting to watch things ripen. Thanks for the relish recipe - that sounds delicious. I bet Anya has some Siamese in her heritage. Such a lovely cat.

nancy said...

Yes, rest up then race for the finish! Yes, Anya's part siamese, pretty eyes!

Backyard Chicken Lady said...

I bet Anya will be so happy when you have fully recovered and can go out and stalk the chickens with your camera instead of her. Haha! I do love to see her pictures though, she has one of those faces that seems to almost show you what she is thinking...such a sweetie :-)

nancy said...

Probably! Although she also follows me around the house. Home during the summer, I think she likes the company! She does have a very friendly, sweet disposition...