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May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Our Etsy On The Cheap Cedar & Tin Planter, Rosie's On The Mend!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!-
We celebrated Cinco de Mayo at home, with a wonderful dinner. I made this salad dressing and used on roasted chicken breasts (with ribs), along with some chipotle chili powder- Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette  Note- I did cut the salt WAY back. I used some on the chicken and the rest on a avocado and greens salad, along with some corn chips. Excellent! I would add more adobo next time for more heat, or cayenne.

$175.00 Etsy Version

Our Etsy On The Cheap Cedar & Tin Planter-
I asked Dave to build a cedar deck box so we could get rid of the various beat up plastic tubs we had. I googled cedar deck boxes and saw this- Cedar & Tin Planter Then I saw the price- $175.00, OMG! So I showed it to Dave and we decided to build our own! For about $35.00 Dave built this-
Our $35.00 version, built in 3 hours

We looked at the photos off Etsy, and he came up with this. It's nailed together rather than stapled, more durable. He used fir 2x4's underneath, since we couldn't find cedar. He used 2x2's on the inside. He made cedar feet for it as well. He accidentally bought the wider cedar for the sides, but I actually like it better. There's less metal visible. He also raised the floor, using leftover plywood, which uses a lot less potting soil. He drilled holes for drainage. We only used 1/2 of the 2' x 2' x 8' metal roofing, so I'm going to do a fencing decoration with the rest of it. I'll post a pic when it's done. I'm going to take an old shovel, add hooks and mount it near the top, and attach to the fence. A little rustic embellishment. Here are the steps he used to build it-

Basic box with the floor

Adding metal roofing, he used a jigsaw to cut it. I had to hold it and that was fun! 
We both got sliced a bit...

bottom view

Metal roofing screws on the inside

Holes for drainage, Dave did a smiling face :)

Rosie's On The Mend!
Rosie seems to be doing much better! Her coloring was much better tonite, comb is nice and pick. She's still a bit droopy (butt bath tomorrow) but she's much more active. I think the worst is past. Here's hoping....

Do you like my new header banner???


Michelle said...

I love the new header banner. Glad to hear Rosie is on the mend. I showed the box to my husband. Let see if he gets the hint. LOL

Ginny Poole said...

The planter box looks great! I love the smiley face. :)

I'm so happy to hear about Rosie feeling better.

Candy C. said...

Yes, I like your new header very much! Glad to hear about Rosie, she's a tough old bird! (Pun intended!)
That planter is just too cute, good job you guys did! I learned while working at a lumber yard to always wear gloves when handling that metal roofing.

Candy C. said...

P.S. We had fish tacos last night for Cinco de Mayo and I made that chili-lime mayo you posted about before. I did grilled Swai fish, most excellent! :)

Susan said...

Oh, I think that your planter is much nicer than the etsy one! It looks terrific! Thank goodness Rosie is on the mend. That can really be a worry, since who knows what ails 'em. I like your new header, too. I should try to fancy mine up a bit.

nancy said...

Thanks all!

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