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Apr 11, 2013

The Hens & The Wearing of The Green

Little Blackie (rt.) and Molly 

The Hens & The Wearing of The Green-
 It seems like everything has greened up so FAST! Yesterday, after work, I let the girls out of the garden, into the main yard, and sat on the deck. Camera in hand all the girls gradually came over for a hello. I shot a lot of photos, and nothing beats a DSLR for getting really clean shots. The only thing I did with these is crop and a little white balance. I LOVE my new camera! These came out pretty nice I think. Chicken portraits :)

Ellie remembered how she liked to do this as a chick apparently!

This shot of Rosie, always curious, cracked me up!

Is it dinner?

nice little herd- Ellie, Rosie and Molly

all the girls

comfrey is up- great for burns!

rhubarb is up 


Michelle said...

Our Rhubarb is up too

nancy said...

I love the stuff!

libbyquilter said...

love seeing your chickens~!!~
i've always had a dream to have a few hens of my own but not sure when or how. until i do, i'll enjoy wonderful posts like this one~!

thanks for sharing.

nancy said...

Thanks Libby!